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I was employed by Walgreens for 13 years up until June 11 2019.I was recorded by an Employee with her Cell phone while she was clocked out and then used the video to retaliate against me for complaining to the big manager about unethical practices on her behalf. The recorded incident was on April 29th yet for some odd reason it took until June 11 to terminate me .The recording was presented to me as if it was recorded by the Store camera ,yet it failed to show me from above .It was eyelevel recording .I was told they had to retrieve the video that's why it took so long .I know that it is a big fat Lie and I will never become a Walgreens customer because I know what goes on for real .Any suggestion on pursuing legal action against Walgreens and the person who secretly taped me?

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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I was wondering if you got caught yet for lying on your Application .


This is the cost of running your trap!!! I can tell you’re a female because of the shock you have at being fired for what YOU call speaking up.

What you REALLY mean to say is that in the typical female fashion you ripped on someone you shouldn’t have and they found out. It sounds like you are your own worst enemy here. How can you be mad at THEM when it was YOU running your gob hole? Much like this post you WILLINGLY have made the choice to not only use this forum but you have also made the choice to willing obscure the facts of the situation to play the victim.

The reality you are only a victim of you can’t shut your pie hole. That you suffer from diarrhea of the mouth and it caught up with you. You lost your job because YOU couldn’t shut the hello kitty up!! Get over it and in Your next job try and remember that really no one wants to hear YOUR OPINION.

If your co worker get into a stomp fest on the employee they hate the most that week do not engage.

You caused the problem. Enough of a problem that someone had to video you to prove that YOU are a unhappy and ungrateful person.

to Anonymous #1709806

Speak English before you even begin to make a comment. Your name must be Jesus ,it sounds just like that arrogant no neck having lying I was a manager for 6 years .By the way secretly recording someone on private property is a crime .And no I was not ungrateful I worked there for 13 years You must have been there since you know so much about what happened .

to Anonymous #1709869

If anybody is arrogant and rude, it is you. Clearly you're sounding like one of those ex employees just mad and angry because you're getting fired because people are not buying into your review or your claims.

People are allowed to call you out for the way you're acting. BTW, people here are acting like adults unlike you, you're acting like an child.

to Anonymous #1709877

I am going to rise above your insults and know You are eligible 2 ,yet.

to Anonymous #1715767

Cleary you're a jerk. It's no wonder why no employee or manager or customer wants to deal with you.

to Anonymous #1710361

Umm, just because someone is commenting does not mean they are from the store or the company. Clearly nobody has taught you and educated you onto that. There are reasons why people are calling you out for this ridiculous review!

to Anonymous #1709811

You sound as ugly as you look.Beware of the wolf.Karma will come after everyone .I offered Customer Service that's it that's all .Whatever someone perceived is their own interpretation of what they recorded. I AM GLAD I DO T HAVE TO DEAL WITH SNAKES ANYMORE.

to Anonymous #1709866

Hey moron... did your MOMMY type that FOR you ?

It's plain to see that you have NO clue of what's going on here with my WIFE and Walgreens. You are, in fact, about as sharp as a Bowling Ball.

This CASE has become SO SERIOUS that 2 law firms and a PI are involved. So it's YOU who needs to SHUT YOUR SPERM RESEPTICLE and crawl back under that rock you came out from.

to Anonymous #1710257

This is an review website. Anybody is allowed to respond to anybody!

People are not buying into this review. And if you're going to get mad and angry about that, then so be it.

You're not fooling anybody. You're the reviewer.

to Anonymous #1710365

Agreed. It's so bad and sad the person does not understand that anybody is allowed to respond to anybody.

And it's so bad and sad anybody like this getting mad and angry for their own mean and nasty behavior and attitude. It's no wonder why this person was fired.

to Anonymous #1710535

Just because someone claims something has happened to them does not mean it had happen to them. Maybe you need to take your advice from your comment into your last sentence.

It's so clear people don't have to buy your wife's claims.

That's if you're not trying to pretend be the same person from the review as your wife. This sounds so far fetched.

to Anonymous #1710358

Agreed. This person is blaming and shaming the wrong people.


It sounds like you're problem. And it sounds like you're the type of person nobody wants as a manager or employee or an customer.

Who knows. There's an good chance you're lying and fabricating details!

It sounds like you're the one that started this! Disgusting!

to Anonymous #1709781

You must be one of those snakes creeping .No I am not fabricating and if you feel that strongly about who you think I am let's meet up ,or maybe we already have 13 YEARS AND 5 MONTHS FROM RETIREMENT ,THATS OVER A DECADE I WORK3D THERE .HOW OLD ARE YOU

to Anonymous #1709867

Not everybody or nobody needs to buying into your claims.

to Anonymous #1709884

English language must be hard for you.

to Anonymous #1710255

People do know how to read. And People onto here do know english.

btw, if anybody is acting like an two year old it is you! And you're just mad and angry because people are calling you out onto your bs!

to Anonymous #1710539

Why would anybody want to get to know you with the way you're acting? You're just mad and angry because they fired you for the way you're acting by starting something with the store.

BTW, with the fact you're telling others to learn english is pretty rude and arrogant. When in fact, they commenting and talking to you onto your review into that format!

And another thing, people onto here are acting like adults. Unlike you, you're the one acting like a child just because people don't buy into your review.

to Anonymous #1710536

Agreed. It's sound like this person has serious issues. I am pretty sure that is what led her to her be an ex employee!

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