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I was employed by Walgreens for 13 years up until June 11 2019.I was recorded by an Employee with her Cell phone while she was clocked out and then used the video to retaliate against me for complaining to the big manager about unethical practices on her behalf. The recorded incident was on April 29th yet for some odd reason it took until June 11 to terminate me .The recording was presented to me as if it was recorded by the Store camera ,yet it failed to show me from above .It was eyelevel recording .I was told they had to retrieve the video that's why it took so long .I know that it is a big fat Lie and I will never become a Walgreens customer because I know what goes on for real .Any suggestion on pursuing legal action against Walgreens and the person who secretly taped me?

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Why would anybody want to get to know you with the way you're acting? You're just mad and angry because they fired you for the way you're acting by starting something with the store.

BTW, with the fact you're telling others to learn english is pretty rude and arrogant. When in fact, they commenting and talking to you onto your review into that format!

And another thing, people onto here are acting like adults. Unlike you, you're the one acting like a child just because people don't buy into your review.


Agreed. It's sound like this person has serious issues. I am pretty sure that is what led her to her be an ex employee!


I think that you better call attorney Saul Goodman right away.