Largo, Florida
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went in to buy cigarettes i'm 70 years old are they BLIND,,

its against the law,,, they are doing it to sell your info,

also when they scan your lic it tells alot of info about you,,if your a sex offender, or a felon and a lot more,,

who the *** do they think they are,,,,,

they lost me as a customer for good, its cvs from now on,,,,good bye WALDGREENS,,,,,,

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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If everybody who smoked quit for good and nobody new started up, all of the poor people working for the tobacco companies would be out of jobs, and alot of farmers that depend on growing tobacco for a living would be out of work as well. And there would be a huge increase in the Super-Sized population of America, because all of the former smokers would now turn to indulging in food to calm their nerves.

Probably alot of people are better off being smokers and being skinny than quitting smoking and becoming Super-Sized. I used to be a chain smoker myself, but I quit because I couldn't afford to keep giving them away to everyone who wanted to *** one from me.

Especially after they raised the prices on them so much higher than when I used to smoke. Now, I calm my nerves by Indulging in Decadent King-Sized Meals and I went from being made fun of for being so skinny to now being one of the Super-Sized people.


They are close to losing the ability to sell cigs due to under age … therefore, they are REQUIRED to ask for your id....


Apparently smoking cigarettes is a criminal act requiring Gestopo tactics to ‘collect’ the private information of smokers! Yet, the clickbait ad on the page was for marijuana stock! Okay to smoke *** but cigarettes are evil!!!


Anonymous hope you get to be an "old self " !


Nothing like hearing from the self opinionated *** if you don't have anything helpful than don't post your bias opinions


Clearly this an review website. Anybody is able too respond too anybody when they want, the way they want. And if they think they are able too be acting out, they are going too be called out.


CVS definitely will never card your old self when you try to buy cigarettes. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that they DON'T SELL CIGARETTES.

But hey, take your cigarette shopping there just so you won't get carded.

Then you'll be on here complaining that they are always "out of stock" on cigarettes. LOL!


Its illegal NOT to ask for ID. You're old enough to know to have your id read just in case.

After all, you're buying tobacco products. Deal with it.


I got carded on my 35th birthday buying cigarettes at Walgreens.


Please post the link to the law that states it is illegal to ask anyone over 21 for their driver's license when buying cigarettes.


How would the cashier know whether a person is 21 or 25? They won't.

We always asked if they look under 35.

With the machines that make you scan, customers can't get out of it anymore. Saves on fines for everyone.