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Its ironic how most of the complaints in this particular blog somehow involve a controlled substance. Everyone has their "oh woe is me" story but provides no precise details in the manner of why their rx was denied.

What people dont understand is that pharmacist spend over 100,000 dollars and 6 to 8 years of their life to obtain their degreee/license. They are not about to risk their licenses being revoked because someone is throwing a hissy fit over their controlled substance. Its funny, no one ever complains that its too early to pick up their blood pressure medication. No one ever insists that their cholesterol medication was shorted.

Its always the narcotics/anti anxiety. Hmmmmm.....maybe thats why their controlled substances. Pharmacists dont enjoy confrontation. Trust me, they want to get you in and out as quickly as you do.

Im not sure why people suggest pharmacists enjoy finding reasons to deny prescriptions. They dont want to play cop pharmacist to verify a prescriptions legitimacy, it only puts them behind. But when their *** is on the line they have too.

Behind every norco on the street, is a pharmacy it came from.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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I had a major problem with them trying to get a shingles vaccination...not just the procedure itself, but some of their employees attitude was outright nasty.

As far as diagnosis goes, one of my docs said it's none of the pharmacy's business. They are charged with amount dispenses however (including non-prescription pseudofed, at least in my state :sigh )


The people who eat their pain medication like candy and other people who have managed somehow to obtain a prescription for some type of controlled substance and party on it until it runs out then come running to the pharmacy crying for more deserve to be looked down on by the pharmacists as someone who is doing something wrong. That's because they ARE!

They, along with the pill mills and the drug dealers and the people who sell their pain medication on the street have finally made it to where no one with chronic pain is going to be able to get ANYTHING THAT WORKS anymore. But, I have to say this - if you are a decades-long-standing customer with Walgreens and you have all of your scripts at that one location and have had them all at that one location, vital medications too, not just pain medication, and you have ALWAYS been patient, ALWAYS been polite to the pharmacy staff, then I don't understand why the pharmacist would think less of me for requesting that my pain medication be filled a day or two before I run out. If I sit here and let it run out, I may find that I am in too much pain to go pick up the prescription. Furthermore, I notice online that they tell me my other non-controlled medications are due for a refill days before I need them.....but not the pain medications, not ever.

So I can see it both ways.

I know the pharmacists get jaded with all the abusers, but we people out here in severe chronic pain are getting caught in the middle and it really SUCKS!!! :x


Should it not be the doctor's responsibility for determining the need for pain medications? Why is it determined by a Walgreen employee?

If it is such a problem, why do they fill controlled substances in the first place? If the job is so stressful, the employees feel they have the right to be rude to the elderly and those in pain, they need to seek a different profession. Why do THEY not have to answer when a refill is short or filled incorrectly.

Pharmacy workers are some of the worst drug addicts out there. Perhaps they should look into their own instead of judging others.


What a load of ***. I was degreed in 82 at a cost of roughly 10K all told (BS Pharm) and expect that not all legitimate customers know the in's and outs of controlled substance RX's and the laws/rules associated with them.

The abusers and pushers typically do. That said, you shouldn't be in the profession if you can't handle "confrontation". I prefer to call it "consultation". Call the patient to your consultation area and have a private conversation.

Unfortunately, WAG (used to work for them) rates you on efficiency in generating profits and consultation and calling dr's doesn't fit that profile.

I will ask a patient repeatedly asking for early refills if the does is not working and ask them to consult with their doctor to make any needed adjustments. Patients with no controlled RX history who come early or present an RX to early leads me to believe they don't understand current laws/rules...ergot...consultation.

In the end it is about treating each patient with respect, dignity and professionalism. If you can't handle that, join the DEA or your local law enforcement department.


Maybe you should check the current tuition rates....33k per year easy.


Not judging you, the original poster, but you seem to be judging others. I have, unfortunately, found myself in the situation of relying partially on medication for relief of just some of the 24/7 pain I am enduring.

Believe me when I say I have actively pursued & continue to persue conservative measures to address my injury. At this point, I am awaiting a surgical consult because I DON'T want to spend my life on medications. I am very responsible with my medications & do not take what I do not need. In other words, I have never filled a script early.

In fact, I usually fill it late bc I stretch medication out as long as I can. My recent experience was not with Publix, but with Walgreens. I dropped of my script thru the drive-thru (yes, it was a controlled substance pain med). Once again, it was days AFTER I could have gotten it filled.

The pharmacist questioned why I was not also filling my other script, Flexeril. I told him I didn't need that one yet, as I was not out & would be seeing my dr again the following week. He told me that I was not following the regimen my dr prescribed, which was wholly inaccurate. I asked him to check my records, as my Flexeril had last been filed on 7/1/13 & prescribing instructions were "Take 1 to 2 tablets by mouth at bedtime as needed." It had only been 34 days.

I usually only take 1 Fexeril at night & my dr is well aware of this. It is a rare occasion that I take 2. This, I should not have been out of that med. Pharmacist refused to check the records & refused to fill the script and handed it back to me with a rude, "I'm not doing it." As for the "hissy fits" you refer to in your post, none were thrown.

I'm a professional, who works in the community & I just did not understand what his reasoning was. I was being penalized for NOT TAKING THE MAX AMOUNT of medication available to me. That is ridiculous. I called my insurance company, who confirmed that my script should have been filled & advised me to go to another pharmacy.

I couldn't call my dr bc it was a Friday evening & they don't have weekend hours. I went to another Walgreens, with my bottle of Flexeril in case there was any question, and had no problem.

Since that time, I have been reviewing comments & complaints against pharmacies. I also found official news reports about a recent hefty fine Walgreens was slapped with regarding Oxycodone.

It seems that not a pharmacists value their education & license, since there have been some caught selling controlled substances that came from their pharmacies! Google Walgreens and Oxycodone. Check out reviews on website, Consumer Affairs. Yes, a majority of the shorted scripts were for controlled substances, but those are the substances that can be abused by others and/or sold.

It's not just pain meds, but ADHD meds are another problem. I'm not saying ALL of these cases are due to pharmacist or tech substance issues, but there ARE in fact reports of other meds being shorted & the insurance companies being billed the full amount. So there is the possibility of insurance fraud. That being said, there is just simple human error, obviously since there are countless examples of the wrong medication being filled or sending a script out for a different person altogether.

I hope they DO find some way to stop those that are filling scripts to abuse or sell. However, in the meantime, they are punishing those of us, who are doing nothing wrong and just trying to get some relief from, sometimes mind-shattering, pain & continue to live a normal life.

Would it be fair if us, as patients or the public, to generalize that bc there are unscrupulous pharmacists & techs, then they are ALL this way? No, I don't think so.



You've told us you know almost everything about anything on earth. We also know that you take every opportunity to run people down regarding the meds you work to dispense, but, wise@$$:

Uh, it's "narco", not "norco"!!

When running folks down, include yourself for being so stup*d!!!!!!


Just to set the record straight, "norco" is a medication. It's the combination of hydrocodone & acetaminophen (similar to vicodin).

"Narco" is a slang term used for those undertaking criminal activities relating to narcotics. I literaly LOL when I read your post because obviously you have no idea what the *** you are talking about.

@think before you type

I know what Norco is you ***. I was making a figurative reference to any prescription pain killer that is sold illegally on the streets.

Just as I could have used Vicodin Lortab Carisprodol Alprazolam Triazolam Lorazepam or Clonazepam to get my point across. How about go back to school to perfect your reading comprehension skills and then come talk to me after you get your PharmD.


I wasnt trying to use the word narco you ***. I meant exactly what I wrote. Read the response I made to the other *** below and heed the same advice.


Anonymous from NC:

My response was not regarding your original post, it was to whoever Anonymous was replying to LadyScot. That's why I responded to their comment.

As a pharmacist I totally agree with everything your post states.

I thought it was just hilarious that they would try to call someone out when they have no idea what they are talking about to begin with. On a side note, you may have some hostility issues.


I wasnt trying to use the word narco you ***. I meant exactly what I wrote. Why dont you read the response I made to the other *** below and heed the same advice.


Amen to post.


Maybe these people are in pain and don't want to suffer or God forbid kill themselves. I wish all you people who label those who are in pain every minute of everyday as drug seekers could walk in their shoes for just one day. I bet most of you would be crying like babies after just a few hours.

@Cripple Crusader

No one is denying there is pain in the world. The people who chose medication to help relieve that are simply asked to not over do it.

If the dr writes a rx telling you to take it a certain way take it exactly as prescribed. What is so difficult to understand that? If you take it according to direction you won't be trying to get it early. If the medicine doesn't relieve your pain the way the dr prescribed talk to your dr.

Don't expect the pharmacist to fill it early because you have a problem telling your dr you need more. I don't understand the problem. It seems simple enough. Why does everyone keep trying to get it early?

Taking more, selling some, or sharing some? Sure some people go on vacation or have to leave town and would like the convenience of getting it early, but when you plan your vacation plan it around your drugs.

If your that "dependent" on them you have to consider being able to get them and can't rely on someone releasing them early. If for some reason you can't follow the rules, then you're obviously not responsible enough to have controlled medication in your possession.