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I just happend to google "pharmacist treats me rudely when i pick up my adderall and i found this website! I am blown away that i am not the only one with this problem.

Everytime i go into get my adderall i am treated like a drug fiend, i have been going to walgreens for all my meds over the years , and have never had this problem, until i started on my Adderall, the pharmacy tech is so rude and tells me a half hour , when normally it only takes ten minutes, then they where ball busting me over my license, and just being very passive aggressive in general.

I genuinely need my adderall for add , I understand about drug seeking behavior because i am a medical assistant and i have worked at a primary are office for 4 years. I really feel very uncomfortable every time i go in.

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Same issue here. I went to CVS pharmacy for two years without an issue.

My insurance switched & ever since I started going to Walgreens I have treated like garbage. They mess up my prescription everytime. Every three weeks. It almost seems like they are trying everything in there power to not give me it because they for some reason feel I dont need this medication.

Even though I have been on it for four years now, I show up every three weeks, they know who I am, I have even had my doctor call them. Im treated like a drug addict.


The walgreens at Alameda and Broadway in Denver, CO has a pharmacist, not a tech, the main man, whom is the most judgmental person. He is extremely rude, and if anywhere else had the meds always on hand, i would avoid this store altogether.

But he needs a good *** kicking. I am working on finding a complaint department, or something for Walgreens, because I cannot be the only person that this guy is aggressive towards. A Pharmacist needs to be compassionate, and while I understand there are junkies out there trying to screw people over and whatnot, you cannot treat every customer as though they are one. Its unprofessional and just makes me feel like ***, when all im doing is taking the medication my doctor gave me.

He needs to consider a career change, because dealing with people is not his strongest quality. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for his behavior.

@Denver Walgreens

Next time either call the pharmacy mngt and ask for his name because you need it to report him to the board of pharmacy. That will get thier attention. Reporting an unprofessional pharmacist to the B of P is a very big deal.


I don't understand why you feel the pharmacy/staff make you feel like a drug addict. I mean if you're not early on your refill, you have a legit diagnosis, and a valid ID.

Just drop it off if they say it will be 5 hours so what. Just have them do what they have to (or WANT to) and go back and get it. If you feel guilty that's your conscious.

I don't know I don't work at a pharmacy but I do appreciate what they do. It can't be easy


The medication I take is also Adderall and here is my post on FB today:

This may almost sound unbelievable BUT BELIEVE ME, ITS TRUE! Picked up a new script from my doctor today and took it to the North Lakeland Walgreens since it was closest to my doctor's office and it had been over a week since I had my meds......(I know, maybe I'm *** for going to Walgreens again but since the mgr from Plant City called and apologized all over himself, I was told I would no longer have a problem).

Well, I had a problem! After nearly three hours of more BS (won't go into details) N Lkld refused to fill it and told me to go back to Plant City....SMH in frustration!


I belong to a group on FB called Fight for Florida Pain Care Action Network and submitted the following post a couple days ago:

Had an embarrassing and humiliating experience at Walgreens. Although not a pain medication, I do take another controlled substance and have been taking it for seven years….all filled at Walgreens. There was a new pharmacist behind counter who told me he would now need to call the doctor to verify the script. I said “fine, about how long will it take?” He said an hour. After an hour passed, I walked up to counter and he tells me he is waiting for main office to call back and as soon as he hears from them he will fill script and text my phone. This is where it gets interesting….

I go home to await a text and in a few hours the police are at my door claiming the pharmacist called them about a fraudulent prescription. OMG! I have had this very same medication filled by Walgreens over seven years, sometimes different doctors, never, ever had a problem.

I called who immediately called Walgreens to find out what the *** is going on and to rectify the situation. It appears the doctor the pharmacist called was the wrong doctor! This new pharmacist is a new intern. And I have to be embarrassed in front of my neighbors with the police showing up at my door? Really?? got a very unhappy email from me today and I urged them to review my medication history and realize the value of the customer they lost today.


Wow, that is unbelievable! Only I do believe it.

Walgreens is terrible. I urge everyone to find a different pharmacy. I've had them give me the wrong medications, or the right medications with the wrong directions.

I also had them "accidentally" fax my birth control prescription to my psychiatrist which was beyond embarrassing! I about died when the receptionist called me and couldn't even say the name of the prescription because she knew I was humiliated.

I strongly urge everyone to avoid Walgreens and support your local mom and pop pharmacy instead!


If you worked in a pharmacy for 4 years then you know why they are so aggressive about adderall. And a half hour is generous.

If you worked in a pharmacy for 4 years you already know why it can take a half hour or more for a script. I call this complaint utter BULL_SHIT.


Hey LadyScot-

So out of all that information in this complaint, you pulled one data point out of it, and called the whole thing BS? That is a classic example of an incorrect inductive argument - making sweeping pronouncements from insufficient data.

So are you going to take this wonderfully caring attitude with you if you become a pharmacist? I feel sorry for your future "patients" if this happens. Are you going to be able to take the pharmacist's oath without breaking your fingers and toes from crossing them too hard? Particularly the first two oaths-

"At this time, I vow to devote my professional life to the service of all humankind through the profession of pharmacy.

I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of human suffering my primary concerns."

How will you reconcile these oaths you must take as a pharmacist with your current attitude towards your customers and humanity in general? Or are you just going to lie your *** off and continue to hate both your patients and the general public with a passion that might be better put to use, oh, say anywhere else?

I sincerely hope you change your mind about your proposed career path. Or God help your future customers and patients...


Dear LadyScot and Mr Customer; First, Mr. Customer, I hear your embarassment about the Adderall script.

I too have felt eyed and suspected at various times. I have also had pharmacies call the wrong primary care doc, instead of my PsyMD, while prescribed Ativan for PTSD from military service. I knew, somewhat, to expect ID request and aligning signature. However, I was not prepared for the amount of scrutiny from the pharmacy.because of my prescriptive past.

Taking my ID and script from me, holding it behind the counter, and refusing to relinquish either to me because they said my script was under review. Mind you this was a brand new script from a new doc, Im standing there at the window of a King Soopers pharmacy with every old person in town behind me. I even asked them if I was under arrest, because you cannot detain me or my property without reasonable cause. That's when they said they are reviewing my history.

However, they did this in plain view of everyone standing there, and now became the problem customer to everyone standing in line...the huffs and puffs and rolling of eyes and extreme body language told the I'm not paranoid or self conscious, beyond feeling like a *** for ever going there...Needless to say, this was.a breach of my confidentiality and HIPPA regulations, Im a health care provider, and made sure they knew it when I filed a formal complaint with store GM, pharmacy mg, and the state.

Pts deserve every ounce of discretion, respect, and attention to privacy. So, to LadyScot, don't lete catch you treating your pharma pts with anything else, or I'll have your license!!


i call *** on ladyscott we on this board all know you are a paid walgreens troll give it up already.a pharmacist is nothing more than a chemist. would you have your pharmcist do your surgery how bout setting that broken if im dying of cancer you would not give me my meds because i might get addicted who cares im dying let me go with dignity what is wrong with you did your mom drop you on your head as a infant or what.