Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Keith @ 5020 W. Main in Kalamazoo, is doing a wonderful job.

Everytime I talked with him about a problems or need information he seem willing to give you the answer you'er looking for....Furthermore, he treat you with respect everytime you talk to him...He makes Walgreen Pharmacy for what it is, and glad to have Walgreen for my medication. There's other Pharmaices that just blow you off and don't give any subjustions to your questions except for: Iwould go and talk to your Dr. about your meds, so I feel glad to hear his voice over the phone when I call about something knowing I would get the anwsers I need.

This store is in the right place for me or anyone else.

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Nichole the pharmacist is the rudest person I've had the displeasure of coming in contact with with I used to come in all the time just to avoid the big crowds I'll never be back in the Boaz store again ...

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