New York, New York

Walgreens Sunny Smile Razors made in CHINA. These razors are defective and cause injury.

They fall apart at a point where the bottom razors slips down and out of the plastic head. The exposed edge of the blade is then able to cut. This all happens of course in split seconds. These items made in CHINA are not inspected.

In no way are they a quality product. These razors should not be allowed into the U.S. market. Inferior, faulty, defective products.

Try them at your own risk.

There should be a warning label on them. The are more dangerous than cigarettes.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Why would the person in the bunny costume make up a story like this? Sounds like the bunny isn't going to let this lecherous man get away with groping her!

And, his wife sounds like a very uneducated person and should keep her mouth shut because she should have been the one to try to get the children to calm down not the husband.

It was a situation where he thought he could get away with his indiscretion, but I'm siding with the bunny. These people, the husband and the wife, need to face the music and get what they truly have coming to them - justice!

Dover, New Jersey, United States #802672

Cigarettes killed two members of my family....return them or don't buy them again....grow up

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