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I hear your CEO, one Mr. Wassom, has decided your corporation will abandon its US citizenship because it doesn't want to pay its taxes.

I will no longer spend money in Walgreens if you insist in this repugnant attack on us, your customers. In addition I will announce this news to everyone I know, actively talking against your stores. Walgreens is cheating all of us by your refusal to pay the taxes we all pay. In this action your corporation (this means you, Mr Wassom) is defecating on us.

This is a disgusting attack by a corporate board that obviously lacks a soul and a conscience. Walgreens in filthy and serves Mammon.

They are an abomination. Walgreens hates America.

  • Corporate malfeasance
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Orlando, Florida, United States #836337

First off, Walgreens never said they are giving up 'citizenship', this is something investors want them to change not the company itself. Second, they are thinking of moving (on paper) to Switzerland.

Go look up Switzerland's health care, they are most often considered the best in the world. And if Walgreens becomes a Swiss company that means they have to abide by Switzerland's health care laws which can mean better health care for it's customers.

So they aren't costing America any jobs, and they are likely going to have company and customer healthcare improved. Yeah they are terrible people.

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