Fort White, Florida

i have steel rods and a tether spine operaction. my surgery were done in tampa but live in cirus county.I went to the doctor this month after going for10 years.

Now no place will fill my meds. my family does business with walgreens over 1000 dollars a month, but they will not fill mine ive never been i so much pain before in my life i think of death all the time .to get cut off of meds after 10years of taking them if it happen i hope my family sues.

because i can't take of them in this condition. they need to figure out something quick!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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ok ms lady scott the pharmacist would get in trouble not the tech.if you really a tech you would know that if your pharacist told you that they are lying. it is the pharmacists job to check each med as it goes should know this 1st thing they teach get certified it is a 3 month class basicly you learn about ndc numbers and have to memorize 200 perscrtion drug names and what their generic names are also you learn to count by if you take your degree in pharamacy tech it takes 10 months and you learn how to inject drugs into iv bags like if you want to work in a hospital.but in some states you do not need any of those if a pharamacist is there at all times.i think people are mad at you ladysctt because you are cold and unfealing it makes me wonder if someone you are close to is a addict and you are taking that out on legit patients.


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Love, love, love the message from

better than you.


The reason ms. lady scott is walgreens has gotten to big.pharm techs like you WITH PROBABLY ONLY 3 MONTHS OF TRAINING think they know more than a doctor.You have an excuse for everything.When i worked for a small pharamacy we never would deny a dying person in pain their meds.What I just wonder is how you can work in this job and not have once ounce of compassion for people dying and in pain what is wrong with you

@better than you

OK, how much training have you had in the pharmaceutical field? And it is a true statement that pharmacy techs and pharmacists know more about drugs and interactions and abuse than your doctor.

Your doctor is a DOCTOR of MEDICINE. A pharmacist is a DOCTOR of PHARMACY.

The federal government and the DEA set the laws for us to follow. We follow them regardless how much pain you are in. If I give you something the law says you can not have, and go to jail for it, I know for a fact YOU will not give a *** about ME or MY risk or punishment.

All you care about is getting your drugs. If you do not like the law, then contact the DEA and explain it to them.


They gave you a reason for not filling your meds. What was it?