Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

I called ahead to get the price of my medication and they gave me a price over the phone. I repeated the price and they said yes. Gladly I thank the person for the information and I told them I would try to pick it up my medication on monday.

Due to my busy schedule I asked my wife to pick up my medication, when I got home mice tells me they charged us 106 dollars.

I went back to Walgreens and requested to speak to a manager. They lied to me, and they refused to take back the medication.

They lied!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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Walgreens has assumed these days that anyone with a script with the word oxi on it automaticly means your a pill addicted drug addict. And they stand there and shake there there head and say Im sorry we don't have these or we were robbed ...well we aren't *** My wife has cronic back pain we have 3 adopted grand children3 5 and 6 and she needs this med too take care of them we drove around for two weeks visited at least 50 pharmicys and got 50 liars who say the same thing imagine that Ok you were robbed funny you don't do anything too increase security or help legit pain patients....Im sorry ........Keep lying walgreens


When you see a baby put something in their mouth you grab their hand to make sure what it is. Majority of pt's dont know this for some reason.

They drop of a script, trust the dr wrote it correctly; understaffed and overworked pharmacy filled it correctly and hope God made sure their was no mistakes.

The point: Check your info before you buy it, its your health..maybe you should start worring about it. That'll solve alot of our health care problems.


Pitty you and your wife don't have an open enough relationship to know the prices of medication that you made her go to pick up. Otherwise you would have been able to sort out the problem before it was paid for, maybe an insurance card wasn't applied properly among other discounts that only you would have known about.

Blaming the company for your lack of responsibility on the matter is pretty pathetic... At least on the positive side you'll do your prescriptions online now to have a written record of a price instead of putting your wife through ***.