Was going on vacation to another state, asked to have my prescription filled 3 days early. Used the online refill and everything went through, came in and pharmacist said he'd give it to me in 2 days unless my doctor called and said it was OK.

This is a Friday at 430pm. I call my doctor, they're kind enough to call the pharmacy. However, my doctor called me back and said that the pharmacist didn't feel comfortable filling it. If it's too early, don't fill it and then enter into the computer it's ready to be picked up.

If you don't want to fill it early don't say I can have my doctor call and then when they do, tell them "you're not comfortable." I understand for some drugs it can be bad for the pharmacy or pharmacist, but this was a sleep aid that's a C4. Seriously, grow a pair you heartless, lying, little girl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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