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I strongly recommend Walgreens remove the Patriet Candles Aromatherapy, Light House Home Products, LLC -Calming Lavender Vanilla from their stores. Every candle I have purchased from the line in your store is absolutely the worst candle I have ever owned. The wick will not stay lit and it is a big waste of money. Who is your buyer for these products? I would be happy to take their job over. I am looking and have above and beyond experience.

Thanks for burning up my money from your poor quality candles!

Please contact me with information regarding any findings about this company or resellers.

L Filichia

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I love the silver sage fragrance


If you continuously have the same problem why would you be *** enough to buy another?! I had a very good experience with the one I bought!

Smells great too!

It doesn't sound like you're a very smart person. Kinda not all there upstairs...


These candles are the best I have ever bought. Every time I light them they still smell the great.

Not like some other candles where you burn them once and the fragrance is gone. Well worth the money the only kind I will ever buy again.


These are the best candles I have ever owned. Where can I buy them ?

Don't tell me they removed them from the market because of this complaint. They are heaven. I bought 2 at walgreens and still have one fortunately. The last one lasted 3-4 times longer than any other candle I have bought.

Plus the smell is wonderful - Silver Sage.

It is sad that such a great product is no longer available ( American made at that )yet Walmart is filled with cheap products from China that probably are made with toxic materials.


I loved the products from Light House Home Products, now I am not able to find them. Anyone know where I can buy them???


I purchased their small jar candles..... All I have to say is that I'm very VERY fortunate I was in the room when two of the three jars exploded and started a fire on my living room end table.

After I cleaned up mess and cleared area of smoke, I looked at what was left of candles. I saw that the wick was not in the center of candle where it should have been, but rather now it was on the side of candle right against the side of the jar. I can back this up because I took pictures to show store I purchased them from.

I really hope others read this and prevent the same thing from happening and the possibility of losing their home or even life because of a fire. Please be careful when burning these.


My girlfriend loves these candles. They smell great and burn all the way to the end.

We've never had a problem. AND they're AMERICAN made!


Wow..I am candle my first wife ever bought..the fireplace scent..compadres all complement her on the lightness

.going today to buy two more..amazing.


What do you want from a candle that routinely goes on sale for "buy one get 2 free"? Seriously if you want a better candle, pay for a better candle.

I've bought several different scented patriot candles, and honestly it's a *** shoot, but for the price I'm ok with it. Cause I'm cheap, and I realize the consequences.


I have a 13 oz. Joy candle with a beautiful Bayberry/Pine scent that I want to replace with more of the same.


If anyone knows how I can order these in bulk, please contact me at ""


I was at a friends house before Christmas this year and noticed a a wood burning wick candle. I noticed that it was burning really well and commented on it.

:) At Christmas of this year I was at the same friends house and recieved the same candle for Christmas. I took it home and to my surprise the candle SUCKED! :( I was very dissappointed.


Found out it came from Walgreens. How can a product be sold if its getting so many bad comments about it :) :)


I sent you an email several weeks ago telling you about a candle that didn't burn right. You said you would send me a replacement, well I never did receive it, where is it??


I loved the Maple Sugar candle from Light House Candles that I purchased. Not only was the fragrance there but it had actually burned all the way down to where there was no wax left!

I will buy them again. I'm actually going to take a trip to Burea to their store and purchase some more and to look at their place!

Very well pleased with their product!



There is something wrong with that company. I used to buy thier candles, but something changed a couple of years ago. the pillar candles are really ugly, and the fragrance isn't as strong anymore.


i am burning mine foir the first time

should have left them as decorations, they arent staying lit either

wont buy them again


I absolutely just GAVE my money to walgreens for this horrible candle that I bought (I'm not sure you can even call it a candle; candles actually burn). After seeing the above posts its clear that walgreens is "stealing" a lot of money from people. time you are looking for donations...just ask. There is no need to pretend to provide quality candles at a small fee


Those Lavender Vanilla candle won't stay lit, period. I bought a few when they are on sale.

They all had the same problem. I returned two.

Bought again after a few months, new batch was bad,too. Sad and stay away.


Oh wow, I am so happy about this comment. I bought some Lighthouse Maple Sugar candles last year around Christmas and have been burning the little bit I have left slowly because it is my favorite candle EVER.

I'd never looked on the bottom for the company that manufactured them until today and I came online hopubg I could order them from somewhere. I had no idea I couldve just found some at Walgreens! LOL! The funniest part is that in June I went to visit my Aunt and she burning a candle rhat smelled so delucious that it made me think of my my own.

She told me she got it from Walgreens. Smh Too funny!


and i am searching high and low for more of the gingerped peach it and it burns fantastic!


I have several Light House candles from Walgreen's in the scent Red Rose an I have never had such a perfect smelling candle, and have had NO problems with them burning, they burn so well they burn gone :) the way a candle should