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I strongly recommend Walgreens remove the Patriet Candles Aromatherapy, Light House Home Products, LLC -Calming Lavender Vanilla from their stores. Every candle I have purchased from the line in your store is absolutely the worst candle I have ever owned. The wick will not stay lit and it is a big waste of money. Who is your buyer for these products? I would be happy to take their job over. I am looking and have above and beyond experience.

Thanks for burning up my money from your poor quality candles!

Please contact me with information regarding any findings about this company or resellers.

L Filichia

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My family has the scent Delightful/red and I love it. It was given to us so I wasn't aware of where it was purchased and was curious.


I'm having the same problem with my candle -- Patriot Aromathapy Calming Lavender Vanilla. The wick will not stay lit on the large double wick jars.... I thought it was just one bad candle so I bought another one --- same problem --- thought maybe it was just the large size so I bought the small one with one wick --- that one stays lit ...


I enjoy the secnt for my sons room and actually it gives me severe migranes but it helps him relax and it works for him. I was shipped 6 minatures of the same scent and yet again the wick issue still exists.

Its a shame that they cant improve it. I find it very hard to believe your comment is not from Light House or and affiliated company or friend. There is no way you could not have had these issues. I have attempted to purchase this brand because I enjoy there scents but I have been BURNED every time.

I will not fall for this any more. BBB is my next stop. Let the public be aware! Ugh!

So disappointed. :sigh


ODDLY ENOUGH, I ended up discovering Lfilichia's complaints about LIGHT HOUSE HOME PRODUCTS candles as I was searching the web for a close friend who has been desperately trying to find out if there is anywhere she can still purchase her absolute most favorite candle, even if I could only find a small bulk quantity source. Her favorite candle is Light House Home Products Calming Lavender Vanilla, the very one that Lfilichia considers least favorite. I showed her Lfilichia's complaint and she was surprised, saying she's never had any wick problems with her candles whatsoever including lighting, burning, and staying lit.

She "loves" that same LAVENDER VANILLA candle from Light House HP so much that lately she's been keeping the unlit candle by her living room chair so she can enjoy the scent of what's left of it, without having to light it and eventually consume it leaving her with only memories of her favorite candle. Which is why I decided it would probably be worth it to try to locate someplace she could still buy it from.

And that's how I ended up here... and (thanks to Lfilichia), I hope to find out soon if Walgreen's still has it :)