Essex, Maryland

About 3 months ago I went to the Walgreen's on the corner on Marlyn Avenue in Essex Maryland 21221. My Doctor because of my health condition which causes me to be in chronic pain at all times wrote me a script for 5/325 mg Percocets amount to be filled 240.

I took it to this pharmacy and the pharmacist refused to fill it saying it is too much to be taking. He is not my Doctor so what gives him the right to tell me that. My Doctor has me on this amount to keep me comfortable.

I feel he has no right to do this. I am pissed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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They do not look like a addict. I am a chronic pain sufferer.

Because I followed the rules and stayed with one pharmacy "addicts no to always have a back up to your back up" my pharmacy ran out. It had been a nightmare. I was polite and just walked away. But after about a week or two of being treated like a second class citizen it get very angry and upset.

My doctor is state certified and I've always followed the rules. Due to me living in a rural area I have few options. It is discrimination plain and simple. I understand why they are doing it.

But make no mistake legit people in a lot of pain are suffering while *** bags fill there script plus by sinus medicine along with it. Very disturbing trend!


U are killing your liver I hope you know.

@8 pills a day

No she is not killing her liver, I asked a pharmacy tech and she told me I would be fine. I have to take the same meds for my permanent nerve damage and she told me as long as I follow the instructions that I would be fine because I thought I would destroy my liver as well.

@8 pills a day

you're killing me with ignorance. NSAIDs also cause harm and someone with chronic pain (like myself) would be having to take those every hour to even take the edge off the pain. If you don't understand painful autoimmune diseases or debilitating chronic pain diseases, then you can shut your mouth, please and thank you :)


Way to make yourself look like an addict.


There are a lot of people in real serious pain, and it's people like you that say such *** things make it look as if people are asking to be in pain everyday. Yes there are a lot of addicts but there are also a lot of people who are really in pain and can do nothing about it.