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I live and work in Boston and was excited that Walgreens opened in my neighborhood. First I would like to say that this store is unlike any pharmacy store I have ever been to. Boston’s Downtown Crossings needed a store like this for a long time after the beloved Borders closed. In particular, I was excited that the store featured the LOOK Boutique that offered similar brands like Sephora with beauty services as a bonus. I have longed for one-stop beauty service like this so I immediately booked an manicure appointment for today at 12:35PM yesterday during my lunch hour. I believe it was Dani, one of the nail technicians, who wrote my appointment down.

I walked into the nail salon at exactly 12:35PM to find that the two nail technicians, one of them being Dani, had customers and there was one walk-in customer waiting. I informed the nail technician sitting on the right closest to the nail polish selection counter that I had a 12:35PM appointment and she acknowledged. The nail technician’s physical description: female, African American, shoulder-length hair, 5’5” height, and slimmer than the other nail technician. Rather than stand in the nail salon, I stood nearby and that same nail technician I informed of my appointment approached the walk-in customer asking her the nail polish color she wanted.

Upset I quickly interrupted her and the walk-in client and reminded her that was 12:43PM and that I had made an appointment. This is the second time she has acknowledged my appointment and offered to have my manicure at a small, dinky table located across the two nail station tables. For the record, that table was unequipped to sit me and a nail technician at the same time and was empty. I clearly informed her that since I made an appointment that I should be serviced before the walk-in client at the nail station table and that it was my lunch hour so I was in time crunch. The nail technician seem confused (and I don’t know why) and said that she would take up the matter with the manager. For the record, that action alone was a very poor choice. It is a no-brainer that I should be serviced first.

There was no need to contact the manager for which I had to wait another five minutes during my lunch hour, might I add. The nail technician clearly ignored me and took the walk-in client over me. She didn’t acknowledge her mistake or apologized. She hadn’t even STARTED the manicure with the walk-in client and had plenty of time to take to do my manicure. To me, it makes clear sense that a customer with an appointment takes priority over a walk-in customer. Anywhere. Anytime. It’s a total no-brainer. Not only did she waste my valuable time but continued to service the walk-in customer. I am very upset at her poor customer service and lack of common courtesy to apologize.

Later Carmen, the New York manager (not sure if for LOOK Boutique) sitting in for the Boston manager, apologized and offered me a free manicure. Further, she said that the nail technicians did not look at the appointment books like they were supposed to and apologized on their behalf. Her excuse was that the store was new and they had a lot of walk-in customers. While I admired Carmen’s offer, I was hesitant to take the free offer. The reason for my complaint was not to get a free manicure as I could go to my usual Newbury Street nail salon. This nail technician did not apologize and continued servicing the walk-in client as if I did not exist or she did not do anything wrong.

I am Beacon Hill resident and work in the financial district and I thought that I found a new nail salon I could bring my business to on a weekly basis but Walgreens has lost my business. I am sorry but I will have to decline the free manicure offer. I pay more at my Newbury Street nail salon but their customer service is top notch and you can’t put a price tag on that! I urge the store manager to speak one-on-one with this nail technician (the one sitting to the closest to the nail polish selection counter) about good customer service especially about keeping customers with appointments as a priority over walk-ins.

In the many years I have been to a nail salon, I CANNOT believe that a nail technician has to think twice about taking the customer with an appointment over a walk-in customer. All I wanted was an apology from the nail technician not an offer for a free service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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You sound like a snob and your time is no more valuable than any other human being. Your poorly written rant shows your of those self-centered millennials. Get a grip!


That is just unfair and completely unprofessional. If she acknowledged you had an appointment, she should've taken you especially since you were squeezed for time.

Then the fact that the table was unprepared? Unacceptable!

(being a nail tech myself) A nail table should ALWAYS be prepared 10-15 minutes before an appointment arrives. If they're going to provide poor customer service, then they should be shut down.


I agree. If you had an appointment, that should be automatic priority.

Ignoring the customers is just flat out inexcusable and it will cost the business dearly. I had a friend whose manicure almost took nearly three hours to complete without any detail.

Most of the nail techs rather talk to their colleagues or deal with customers that are walk-ins.


I'm glad she took a walk in over you. If you come in acting like a total b.itch what makes you think they are going to want to provide you service?

You sound like a spoiled, inconsiderate person. How the *** do you know that person was a walk in? For all you know they had an appointment before you and the other nail Technition was going to get to you. Surely, they were not sad to see you leave.

I sure as *** wouldn't be! Learn to wait your turn like everyone else you are not better than anyone!


Stop complaint you rich ***, the world doesn't revolve around you.

@poor girl

Stop your trashy attitude and read the Terms of Use.