What happened lets see a little girl went with out her medicine for the flu for hours, because someone at Walgreens denied giving it to her mom. Really when people are dying from the fly.

When two famiy members called to make sure they had it. But when mom got there the employee looks at another employee says im holding it for someone else that is on there way. So when did Walgreens decide to hold medicines for people, thought it was a first come first serve. Then she would not release the prescription to mom could go some where else.

Said it had already been put in the computer. And when the mom asked when will you have more the lady says you see the line behind you. WOW!!! Someone needs to contact Lori Blount as soon as possible 2146042501.

We have the name of the person who did this, cause if she did this to us she is doing to other people.

Who made her God to make that decision who is getting medicine. This is upseting and we are taking this to the NEWS!!!!

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