Nashville, Tennessee

It is sad to see such a wonderfull person As Mr Brown no longer at your store because of an individual as so called Ms mendoza a so called District manger who has no experience as one and can think she is better than anyone shame on you I have a petition started and will put it on you tube and facebook and any other website to let people know that a Person who is so honest and nice can be let go because of a make up woman who does not like him so sad. It is your loss and believe me i will post it every where i can to accomplish justice for him and let people know how you are as a company. Your Loss

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Go ahead, Once you post it online you will be sued!Slander!


Now you can see how affirmative action works. The good employee is gone while the useless twit is retained. Welcome to the new USA

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