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I went to Walgreens in Grand Haven mi on Robbins road like I do do every month to pick up my mother's medications because shes disabled so I pay for her meds and off I go to do other errands and notice I never got my card back so I go back and inform the lady at the window I was just here and I never got my card back so she goes and talks to the lady who helped me and says my card was put in the drawer and I told her I never got it back then she goes and talks to some one I'm guessing a manager and then comes back to the window tells me that the technician said she put it in the bags and said if we find it we will give you a call turns off the intercom and walked away no apology didn't even ask for my number no nothing I fill my mother's scripts here Every month and have never seen suck poor customer service no apology no nothing

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Ever hear of punctuation? Try it sometime.

And as for your debit card, I believe that is YOUR responsibility to keep track of. Not the store's.


You do realize, don't you that using a debit card is a very dangerous way of paying for something? Don't blame the store clerk for your inattention. Blame yourself and hope someone doesn't find a way to use your card and clean out you, most likely low balance bank account.

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