Grand Blanc, Michigan
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I have always used Walgreens , never again ! I dropped off my wedding video and was told to pick it up in 3 weeks .

I went their on the date of my claim ticket and it was know where to be found. Instead I had several confused workers who had new clue what I was talking about and told me they were unable to help me. I called corporate . I found out through them tracking my package, that my wedding video was never sent out like it was suppost to be.

This is something very important to me and irreplaceable. It was never sent out to be converted to a DVD. This was my only copy I had a family member tape my wedding since we had already went over budget. Walgreens has offered me a $100 , they said this is what it is worth.

You cant place a price on my wedding video. I have filled a claim and will be moving forward in what needs to be done. For a corporate office , they are very unprofessional , and negligent and are unsure how to do their job correctly. I have suffered emotional distress as well .

Have not been able to sleep and constantly crying when I should be happy. I have two little girls and would have loved to show them my wedding video .

To think that they have the nerve to throw a $100 dollars around is pathetic. I advise you to get your photos done elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

  • neglagence at photo counter
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