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I went to Walgreens on Ridge Pike, Norristown, PA yesterday 7/6/2013 to have my passport photo taken. The tall guy who took my picture was so *** as he tried taking about 8 pictures of me and all 8 pictures of me had my eyes looking upwards to the camera as he was tall.

I got frustrated and told him to sit down as he was so tall and I had to look up. Finally he sat down. The last picture he took had my eyes looking straight and level but the picture was so badly taken. My face color looked abnormally dark (brownish red) and my hair caught some light and looked light golden brown on one side.

That was my first and last experience at Walgreens Photo. I'm never going back there to have my photo taken.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Unfortunately, the company is given a cheapo camera to take passport photos. When we needed a new camera in the lab, the head photo girl was allowed $60 to buy a good camera. That one was worse than the original in picture quality. All of the stores that I have worked in have cameras that are taped up because the batteries fall out but are still "functional."

I am sorry you had a bad experience. The pictures are not easy to get right. I have many returned to me because they were not what the post office wanted and getting the color just right can be nearly impossible due to where the white screen is positioned.

It would be helpful if we had a tripod and a better camera. But the company is only about profits. Buy low and sell high. Who cares about the customer anymore!