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In our city, Walgreens has situated themselves on every available corner, as has CVS, which I do not go to. Since we have the best one I am sure in our town at Swan and Grant and the best pharmacy Mgr.

ever, and best district mgr. So my complaint is with the corporation that standard of excellence is so low. My store informed me of the great hair color sale, coming up. I went to get my fair share of Revlon color silk,to find nothing in blond.

Revlon only let this store have dark colors they said. So the cosmetic mgr called around and found stores that had it, and offered to go there to get it. I said no since I had to go that way. I went to speedway and craycroft and into this dirty,backward, Walgreens which I could not understand since my breakfast place McDonalds is next door, and while Walgreens was being remodeled I could not get out due to the process.

They sure did a lousy job.I now know. The mgr was this young twit, who said they had no electric carts and I was about to pass out.I am disabled. So leaning on the regular card back to the hair color place, and only one color of blond,and only two boxes of that , so had to get a rain check for the free one. The customer check out was something out of the 1950's, and the clerk had no idea what to do,or how the store operated.

I called my best friend, who lives near this store. She said its always like that, dirty , poorly run, incompetent clerks.I would like to say my store be given appropriate product to function and not sending people off to another store.

I would suggest all store be remodeled and brought up to todays standards. The main complaint is the dirty store, and this should not be.

Reason of review: poor merchandicing.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Pros: Regular store.

Walgreens Cons: Total lack of concern for customer, Whole set up at said store.

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