Conway, Arkansas
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After attempting to locate a nasal spray product on my own for about 10 minutes, I approached the pharmacy tech to ask for help. He told me a location, but I misunderstood.

I found an end cap that had the product tag and price, but no boxes of product. I asked the manager for help and she told me it was on an end cap. That was where I had been. My husband also asked for help.

She was rude to him. When I returned to ask for help again, she pointed to an end cap and said "This is an end cap. We aren't out. Just look for it." My husband and I still did not see it.

No other employees offered to help. After the 4th request for assistance she got up off the floor and rudely walked to the product and said "I told you we weren't out." Wow! Really! I know we were a little dense, in finding the allergy meds that were in the holiday section, but she was not even civil.

We will transfer our prescriptions Monday.

I have no interest in doing business with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Your husband and you must be two years old if you cannot find the product yourselves after they pointed you to where it could be three times. I did not know that two year old's kids were allowed to be married, even with parental permission.

No one was rude to you, you are not the only customer in the store and they cannot give you special one on one treatment just because your parents were not there to guide you to the product. What would you consider civil treatment, holding your hand an guiding you to the product?


I had a similar experience with this same manager (short female) disrespecting my wife when she simply asked for help. Frequently there are new employees here that seem miserable and unmotivated.

Impossible to contact this location by phone and takes forever to simply fill a prescription. The "Rewards Card" doesn't take a single cent off my purchases.

Unbelievable! We have gotten to the point where we will never go back.


Someone needs to report you to the police. If your wife cannot find items herself then she is obviously a child and you need to be arrested for having a relationship with a child. I am sure you won't be missed and the fact that your wife cannot fight her own battles makes me wonder more if you are some sicko that married a child.


walgreens sucks but the employees are treated so badly by the company. If they make over minimum wage they get instead of raises pay decreasses until they quit