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I went to Walgreens New Kensington,PA to purchase one of the drinks that give you a reward back ,making it free. It was on a Sunday around 3pm.

They were completely wiped out. I asked the employees who were all hanging around the photo for some time if they had anymore of the drinks. Someone replied no and chuckled. I asked if someone came in and bought them all out since the sale had just begun and a guy said oh that would be me.

He moved over to show me the photo counter full of the drinks he just purchased. He had a Wags vest on and all of the other workers were helping him. I told him it would have ben nice to save a bottle for a customer I wasn't being mean I was just saying,and he flipped out saying he's the same as a customer. I asked him if he took a break to shop if he was allowed to shop like that while at work and he said he can do what he wants because he's salaried!!

I was shocked he was so rude and cocky.I barely was able to get anyone to check me out at regular checkout since they were all standing around photo with him. A young man finally came over to help me and I could see the manager snapping photos with his receipts and counter full of drinks. I did mention I thought that was really immature to snap photos to the young boy.

When I went to pull out of the lot the manager walked out and snapped photos of me to tick me off I suppose. I took everything in me not to get out of my car

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It's pretty sad. I mean, technically, a customer is limited to one of those reward coupons a day which is why only one reward coupon prints out.

The fact that an employee was doing this means he's neither enforcing nor following policy, and I'm sure the manufacturer whom reimburses the store for those coupons would not be pleased to learn this.

Other than that, an employee is just as much entitled to purchasing items to the store so long as they are off the clock. I'm in no way justifying the employee.

What this employee did was wrong by all means. Though apologies shouldn't be coming from me, I am sorry you had to deal with such a poor incident.

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