I am medically exempt from wearing a mask, and would like to know if you are following the mandate or just making up your own rules on the masks....if you are so scared of non wearing masks people then open up at a different hour and let those of us that either don't want too, or can't wear masks in.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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Where is boomer Karen from Louisiana defending their position???


Or you can open your own store and make and enforce your own policies boomer Karen. What you want doesnt matter to a private business Karen.


(1)It seems you're under the FALSE impression that you would only be risking your own health by not wearing a mask. In FACT, it's to protect the public, AND THE EMPLOYEES from asymptomatic people spreading Covid-19 before they even realize they have it.So, for argument's sake, say you had Covid-19 -but you don't know yet.

If you go out shopping, with a mask on, a high percentage of the airborne particles you expel (via breathing and talking) are going to get trapped on the inside of your mask. As opposed to making it into the air around you; Where it most likely to infect others. (2) I'm elderly and have COPD.A mask is uncomfortable, but it does not interfere with my oxygen machine at all. Everyone who's healthy enough to make it all the way to the store CAN wear a mask, they just don't want to.

(3)It's NOT hard to wear a mask! It IS hard to lose a loved one to a PREVENTABLE disease, where the family can't even be permitted access to the dying person while they suffer, and pass away.


There is no ADA mask exclusion that they have to follow. Directly from the administration that handles ADA policy.