After 16 years of doing business I was refused my medication. I had paper work from the doctor and from the loco hospital in the area.

I was told that I have to change doctors or go to the city the prescription was written. I and my wife were talked to as we were druggie. Their main reason to refuse service was our doctor was not in the same city as Walgreen. Their commercial needs to be pulled off the air.

False advertizement. They are not friendly not willing to pickup a phone to verify the prescription, from doctor.

After 16 years of service with Walgreen I will never step in their store ever again. Being chronically ill is a painful burden being abused because you are legally and permanently disabled is and should be illegal.On a final note Walgreen's has a responsibility to their customers to be honest they should not be over riding doctors decisions they have no right or expertise

DOB 6-2-1954

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Commercial.

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Naples, Florida, United States #784079

if you were trying to fill a pain med, then yes you need to go to the town that you got your pain med from. why are you getting scripts from one town and filling them in a different area. are there no pharmacies where the script is from.


This is a very accurate and useful complaint. i know this to be an example of how walgreens acts.

As far as the "advertisement" you are correct! Walgreens has run an advertisement campaign for years trying to sell the consumer on it being "easy" to get your medications from ANY location, while travelling, moving, or on business trips. They do NOT practice this at any location. I also have been told that I could only fill prescriptions from the branch in the same community as my doctor was in; NOT near my own home!

im sorry someone criticized your original complaint due to spelling or a typo. It was probably someone "training" or working for the company (Walgreens).

They are far worse than can be itemized here.

I also have filled Rx's and been given 1)the wrong medication 2)the wrong labelling and information pamphlet(Rx was for antibiotic to treat pneumonia/pamphlet was for "testosterone ointment") 3)violations of controlled substances act 4)wrong medicine when Rx stated "brand name do not substitute/ I was given generic.

they are getting away with these outragious violations only due to being one of the largest pharmacy corporations.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #707070

Why don't you go to a pharmacy in the town where your doctor is located? Pharmacy rules are getting tougher.

Furthermore, what good do you think paperwork from "loco" hospital do you?

"Loco" means crazy/demented. What exactly is an "advertizement?" Did you mean "advertisement?"

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