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I go to walgreens 3 times a month and the store MGR I noticed always pops oughtah nowhere and meets me at the front just before I get to the cashier. 14 times out of 14 times.

like clockwork.

im trying to figure out why the mgr is hiding in the camera room or wherever and waiting till im ready to checkout and he crops up suddenly and makes a line to my direction. why am I so interesting to him? if we weren't in a store and on the street or sidewalk id call him a STALKER. and in any other scenario.

he seems wierd but doesn't LOOK weird. but his stalking activity is weird.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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He must be watching you over the security camera from the back room and he thinks that you are VERY ATTRACTIVE. Actually he gets a woody every time that he sees you, that's why he rushes to the register to check you out.


Probably just a nut job.


I agree, I have the same problem with Walgreens too. It is spooky.

It is like the old days when shopping at certain stores. Some managers just give me the creeps.