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I am on a narcotic medication that is hard to find. So I drive 45 minutes to this Walgreen's to get it. Besides waiting in ridiculously long lines at the drive thru and inside I never had any problems there until one weekend towards the end of January.

I always get my prescriptions filled about a week early on the day my doctor writes it for. There was a new fat female pharmacist working who downright refused to fill my medication even though my insurance would cover it and I explained why I was there early to get it, that I have to drive 45 minutes to get it.

So I asked why they had always filled early before and it had not become a problem until now, and she basically said that whoever filled it before is incompetent. I was a little irked because I knew I was going to have to find time in my schedule to drive all the way out there again a week later since she absolutely was not going to fill it til the day I was going to run out. She doesn't get denied her fat greasy McDonald's obviously. Which is probably 99 thousand times more dangerous for her than my prescription is for me or anyone else.

I called them back from my cell phone to see if I could pick it up and take it somewhere else closer to my home to fill it. She said yes. When I went back to get it I watched her grab a pen and write something on my script. When she handed it to me it said "RTS 1.30" written practically on top of what my doctor wrote, and the date was just like that too.

I asked her what she wrote on it and she LIED right to my face and said someone else did it and that they always write "RTS" or "refill to soon" on the prescriptions when they are early. I saw her do it though! And I know that the reason she did it was to try and prevent me from going somewhere else to fill it early since I'm such a huge drug addict. Keep in mind the narcotic I am on is weak as *** and not desirable for abuse. And she should know that, being the cashier in a lab coat that she is.

She then proceeds to announce what drug I am on and my insurance company to the entire line that had built up behind me. Like she can't just look up the info on the computer. It was an attempt to embarrass me because I am on Medicaid. She doesn't know why I'm on medicaid or why I'm on the medication I'm on. I work a full time job that offers no health insurance and I'm a single mother to a 5 year old autistic boy. I receive no other type of welfare and I don't get child support. My job is the only one I kind find that offers the flexibility I need to take care of my severely disabled son. And I have extremely high blood pressure due to kidney problems so good luck to me on finding affordable health insurance anywhere.

I swore not to use that pharmacy again, but last time it was time to get my prescription filled I took it to 8 other different pharmacies and none of them had it and it was the day I was going to run out (I made sure to wait this time so I wouldn't have the same incident as before).

I take it to the same Walgreen's as last time. That woman was not there. They tell me my insurance won't cover it. So I leave and ended up calling them back to tell them to fax my doctor so my doctor could call the insurance company. They tell me the reason why was because they needed to update their systems so I needed to bring my insurance card in. Seriously? They couldn't tell me that while I was still in there?

I end up driving all the way back up there YET AGAIN! When I am finally handed my prescription I realize the bag feels light. I check it and they only filled it for 10 of my pills. I am prescribed 30. When I hand it back to them they apologized and then proceeded to tell me that I would have to drive back again for the other 20 pills in 10 days when I would be running out because my insurance won't cover it until then. I was frustrated but since they apologized I decided to drop it and just come back in 10 days.

I went back yesterday to get them filled. I am told it will be a 45 minute wait to get my prescription. Even though the automated service called me last Thursday and said it was ready. The same fat pharmacist is working. When it was ready I was told by the tech that I would have to pay cash cause there was no insurance in the system for me. Keep in mind the pills I'm on cost at least $9.00 for one. So fat lady comes waddling up and proceeds to bark out the name of my medication and insurance to the very long line that has built up behind me. They tell me I'm going to have to go get my prescription card. I asked them at least 3 times to just check their computer system for my insurance info and they downright refused! I was very irate at this point. I sent my boyfriend out to my car to get my card and the fat lady FINALLY looks it up and what do you know? There it is!

I believe almost every complaint I read about Walgreen's. My biggest issue is the privacy factor. Is it really ok for them to tell the whole store what medication you are on and what insurance you are using? Last summer I also dropped off a prescription for my birth control from my gynecologist which my insurance wouldn't initially cover. So they faxed it to the WRONG doctor! The doctor's office called me to let me know (extremely embarrassing) and said they had faxed Walgreen's about it. Walgreen's never did bother to tell me about that mistake even though it is listed in my online prescription files with them as being prescribed by the wrong doctor to this day.

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They did the same thing to me today rts per Ali


maybe the problem is you drive past 8 other pharmacies to go to a walgreens to get the prescription filled in the first place when as you said, your doctor told you any pharmacy could order it for you. Why not stop at one of the 8 other pharmacies and ask them??

Why does it matter if the pharmacist was fat?

Clearly, if you're prescription is a narcotic there is potential for abuse which is why it is a controlled substance!!!! call the DEA if you don't like it.

IF you don't want people to hear your prescription and insurance information then don't use the DRIVE THRU. DUH. if you choose it for your convenience then you're taking that risk.

stop going to different pharmacies to get your prescription filled, and I'm sure any pharmacy would make sure to have your medication in stock for you when you needed it, not EARLY.

p.s. it is also against the law to fill a controlled substance more than a few days early, so while you're complaining about a fat pharmacist, you should educate yourself.


Thanks for your reply, I actually was able to find a much better pharmacy that carried my medication. They aren't close to my home, but they are right next to my doctor's office in Mason. I can just leave from the office then pop in there. And they are quick and friendly.

I live in a small town in Ohio and I actually asked the one pharmacy we have (which is another Walgreens!) if they carried my medication and they told me no and that they couldn't get it. Which was strange to me since my doctor had told me any pharmacy could order it for me. When I asked my doctor about it he told me they aren't supposed to do that but just to try another pharmacy.

I just don't understand what the big deal with my medicine is, it's not Oxycontin or anything. And it's the first pain medication I've ever been subscribed for anything besides my c-section, kidney stones I have had, and wisdom tooth surgery years and years ago so I really hope I have not labeled a "drug seeker" cause... well... I'm not! Lol.

But thanks for your advice. It was much appreciated.


Damned typos!

I meant to say that a pharmacy that knows that you are more than a drug-of-abuse seeker will be likely to order the special pain med you need. Be kind and give them at least a week's notice if it's a CII drug. You can tell them what kind of med you'll need even before you get the written rx - just show them the Walgreen's rx vial.

You should not have to drive past a bunch of closer pharmacies to get an rx. I don't care what drug you're on, Walgreens is not the only pharmacy that can get it.

Good luck!



Your story made me cringe. I've never worked for Walgreens, but I'm sorry you were treated that way. I am a retail pharmacist, and here's my advice:

Find a smaller pharmacy close to your home or doctor. Do you have any other rxs you get filled on a regular basis (blood pressure medicines, etc.)? Take them to that pharmacy and fill them regularly. They will get to know you as a whole person and most will be likely be willing to order whatever special pain medicine you need. They will also work with you if there are insurance problems.

Try Cubs or Kmart or an independent pharmacy. The stores may be big, but often the pharmacies are slow enough to give personal service. Medicine Shops and Target may be good choices, too. Avoid CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Walgreens because they are all assembly line pharmacies.

Note: Many pharmacies have rules about filling controlled drugs early. Still, you should not have been repeatedly treated so rudely.

Note about Kmart: If they don't have enough of your rx in stock and you have to come back later, they will give you a $10 gift card for your inconvenience.