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My mother has her prescription filled at the Walgreens Pharmacy, that she paid over a hundred dollars for. Just to be shorted 15 pills.

When we contacted the Pharmacy about the shortage the Pharmacist in his exact words replied " I filled your bottle and I don't know where your pills are they should be there." Now for some who is positive they put the correct amount of medicine in her bottle he doesn't sound too sure. On top of that her medicine is a class A narcotic, pharmacist do not over look these things. I have a very uneasy feeling someone out of that pharmacy took her pills. 1st there are no initials on the bottle, every other Walgreens she uses initials her bottles.

2nd the pharmacist became very rude with my mother when she ensured him they were not there and she never received the correct amount. Now if I am not mistaken why would he become defensive if he had done everything right by the law? I have emailed the main head quarters about her shortage and although they probably won't giver her missing pills back at least they can investigation on this location and see if there is some fishy business going on. Because of the shortage of her medication she will have to endure a week of pain.

And mind u her whole right side is made of plates, pins, rods, and screws.

For anyone with metal inside their body knows it hurts during cold weather. Please count your medicine before leaving the pharmacy and do it in front of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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