Silver Springs, Florida

I have always shopped CVS went to Walgreens off and on for the past 5 years but started going to Walgreens due to their new reward program. I took my script to have it filled and told they were out of my medication.

went to another location and after waiting and them taking copies of my drivers license they told me that they could not filled my script and would not at any location. Since then I have found that a person at the counter can BlackBall you and put people on a list and not filled strip under a list"good faith act"..why would they do this?

I have never abuse drugs but due to my disease. I have returned to CVS and Will never do business with your company.

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I completely feel for you! they have black balled me too! I have NEVER given them ANY REASON and they no longer will fill my prescriptions!


You might have had better luck if you had wanted a scrip filled instead of strip.


You are RUDE. Like you never spelled a word wrong in your life? I guess you are perfect...Ha!