Owensboro, Kentucky

I'm in a bad way and Walgreen could care less I have taken the same meds since 2001 and been with Walgreen since 03 never changed meds I have never lost meds, I have never ask my doctor or pharmacy to do things that could cause them to ? me and I have always passed the *** test.

and blood test, I don't know what to do anymore I can't get my meds from walgreen and the local pharmacy here along with other pharmacy's no longer carry my meds because of the walgreen's pill mill in 2012 so they get busted I get the shaft.

whats wrong with this picture? some how I think it's all about there money cause I sure don't have 80.mill to pay DEA like they did.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Walgreens got in trouble for filling presciptions from "pill mills" for junkies. You are one of them...get help!


Definitely more to the story,

tell your rx the truth and they may

can help you.


I work as a tech at walgreens and patients always feel the need to bring up the fact that they've been with walgreens a long time as though we will break the law to accommodate them. I appreciate your loyalty to the company but there are still regulations and laws we need to abide by or it's our job on the line.

We won't refuse to give you your medication without having a valid reason and there are many things that can hinder the release of a narcotic such as but not limited to invalid doctor information, refills too soon, instances of fraudulent prescriptions (more common than you may think), a need to verify information on prescriptions, or other things. Filling scripts is a serious business everyone's butt is on the line if the appropriate measures aren't taken to account for the whereabouts of every medication, especially narcotics.


There has to be more to this story than is being told. There is a reason you are having a hard time getting your meds.

If they are a controlled substance that could be the reason you are having difficulty obtaining them.


Sounds like you have been on psychotropic drugs for a long time now. Time to get off them, find a job and stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's called "taking responsibility."