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Ay 9:15 am 08/0802013 my eye dr called in two perscriptions for eye drops I called about 9:30 am said they would be ready in about 20 min got there 10: am wasnot ready said would another 10 min waited 15 min onley to be told they didn't have one of the drops I drive 35 miles round trip fr this med would pickup at 12:00 from another store that didn't happen they would pickup that night from another store that didn't happen called this morning to see if it was filled no it willbe here at 10:an wicall when it's ready here it is 1:15 pm still no call

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Naples, Florida, United States #784083

your dr can not tell you wait times. they do not work in the pharmacy so they do not know how long it will take to fill an rx.


Someone get this man some eye drops so they can see what they are typing!

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