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When I visited the pharmacy today to fill a prescription for the 2nd time (Fentynol), your pharmacy was out of stock. No offer to order it, or to recommend that I go to another Walgreen's a few miles away. I had to ask that it be ordered, and the idea was reluctantly accepted. I also had to request that she call the other store to see if they had it, so I could go there to get it. She finally did call and they had it, so I went to the other store and got it.(a few miles away). By the way, I first called the first store to see if it was in stock, and they told me that it was in stock. When I arrived they did NOT have it. Then my exasperation started as I explained above. The store that led me to this idiocy was your store at the corner of Rte 202 and Township Line Road in East Norriton,Pa. I finally got the prescription filled at your store at the corner of Germantown Pike and Whitehall Road, East Norriton, Pa. (Norristown)

I tell you this because I believe your employees need a lesson or two in "professionalism" and also "courtesy." And by the way, this was the second time I tried to get that same medicine (prescription) filled in the last two weeks. In my opinion, it should have given your staff a signal to order it so it would be in stock for the future. Instead I had to go out of my way, several miles to get the prescription filled. The medicine was for HeleneFriedman, my friend who is handicapped.The second store pharmacist did apologize for my

inconvenience.What I should have done was to go to CVS across

the street, but Mrs. Friedman is loyal to your company.

Very truly yours,

Sy Levy


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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I understand your frustration as I had similar exasperating experiences at CVS. I finally transferred my scripts to Walgreens at 11th and Locust in center city, Philadelphia.

A friend recommended this pharmacy, and I have found them most helpful, even apologizing when items were out of stock and arranging for me to pick them up an another convenient location. Even the sales associates are helpful, greeting every customer on entering the store.

I suspect that management is the key. C


It is a COURTESY that they offered to even order it for you (obviously they had no problem with filling it for you if they said they would order it JUST FOR YOU) and when that wasn't good enough for you, they stopped everything they were working on (not like they don't have other people to fill prescriptions for PLUS daily tasks to complete before they can go home at the end of their shifts) and called around to find it for you, instead of leaving you with nothing. Yeah.

Sounds like TERRIBLE customer service. Are you serious??


Hello Anonymous-

I can understand your frustration. It is pretty apparent that Walgreens corporate has decided that pain medication patients are persona non grata at their stores. When you look at the number of complaints, which seem to be only at Walgreens, from pain medication patients being frustrated at acquiring their MD prescribed medications, a consistent pattern of harassment and discrimination can be discerned.

However, the previous poster is correct - it's not a good idea to post accurate personal info on these message boards. You may want to follow the recommendations of on how to remove a posted message. It's quite difficult, but it can be done. Best wishes for your friend's health, and you're right - the best method may be to just move to CVS - that's what I did...


You really shouldn't be putting personal info on here. Now someone knows she gets fentanyl, her name, what pharmacy (even EXACT walgreens) and when she gets it. No you shouldn't do that.