I dropped off script to Mt.View on1/15/13, they say fill it on

the 20th. called them 1/18/13 and they say closed on 1/20/13.

went and picked up hardcopy from them 1/19/13, on hardcopy

was handwriting indicating to fill it on 1/20/13. writing of ?

in Mt. View RX, kind of loopy and hard to read. Next day went

to Poplar Bluff,[ KC ***]RX would not fill it due to handwriting on hardcopy, I took it to kroger, wal-mart and they would fill it, but I did not bring ID with me.

So on to Dexter, same story, next on to Sikeston where they

did fill the prescription, laughing as I told the events as

they had happened....3 other stores between first Walgreen and

last one had all offered to fill this script only they were a

few pills short of enough...

my complaint is to change 1 thing, do not write anything on

hardcopy from Dr., attach a note,staple it, stick it.....

this experience only cost me time travel,embarrassment, 3-4 hrs. one way. But I have seen this same thing as it happens

to somebody else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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