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Firstly, Walgreens would give you a $25 gift card for every prescription you would transfer in January 2013. I transferred 7 from CVS but only received one $25 card and that was after complaining to management and emailing corporate Walgreens. Where's my other 6 gift cards? They will not give anymore. That's fraud!

Next, I fill 4 prescriptions a month and they will not give me the 5oo points because they say I and my Blue Cross insurance is government fund. BOGUS. I have never been a govt employee, received assistance, used any coupons and my employer is not govt funded.

After calling balance rewards, filing an investigation etc. they still say I am govt funded but they will not reveal where that information is coming from or what detail in my profile proves that. The Pharmacy manager even looked into my profile and stated there was nothing there that showed govt funding.

Such a scam!! The only reason I stay with Walgreens is because my location has a 24 hr pharmacy and I go at 5am to pickup scripts to avoid the long lines because they have 1 person taking care of a drive thru and inside counter.

Just unbelievable!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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count your pills!!! they are stealing from customers!!!

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