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I received a letter in the mail stating that my pharmacy was closing their doors. I am a Chronic pain patient with RSD/CRPS, 3 Bone Grafts, A spinal Fusion, 4 Spinal Cord Stimulator surgeries, numerous surgeries to fix broken aspects of the machines.

I was in the hospital from April 1, 2013 for 17 days with 2 blood clots. I have taken the same amount of oxycodone for 11 years. I was sent a pamphlet that states Walgreens mission is to provide the customer with outstanding service. It also, states that I will have to do nothing out of the ordinary, my prescription service will continue as before.

This is misrepresentation!!!! I was told that they would not be able to fill my oxycodone 30 mg tablets, and they did not have my blood thinner. They would not call another walgreens and I had to drive all the way back to Miami, to my pain management doctor and get another prescription for another pain medication. I have to take more of this medication for the same pain relief.

Then they made me drive to 4 different pharmacies to get all my prescriptions filled. This is not customer service. I sent them a complaint and have not heard back from them yet. I want to seek legal action as I have in writing both the letter from my pharmacy that closed and the pamphlet telling me not to worry about the transfer.

I also, have a friend that had to drive me home from the doctor after a procedure to my back. I was to get the prescriptions and get in bed and relax as the injections needed to take in my back. I spent 2 hours driving from pharmacy to pharmacy. This for someone with the conditions I have and after a treatment at my doctor is nothing short of pain and suffering all over again.

It is bad enough to be disabled, and in chronic pain daily. But, for a pharmacy chain this size to treat their patients this way is nothing short of discrimination!!! I want answers and it seems that Walgreens does not care enough to give their customers any. They DO however, print a lovely pamphlet of misleading, misrepresented lies.

I think that the court system in Florida will find this very informative. I have, and will 1 more time try to contact them. If they do not answer me in anyway, I will contact an attorney. Please each and every chronic pain sufferer, please we must stick together, we are the only people that know what we go through in a day.

Just to shower, get out of bed, make it to the store when needed, Now we are going to be told by a pharmacist that they know better then our doctors that have been with us for years. They want to make me take another medication that requires more to get the same relief? NO, this could do damage to my liver, I watch my health and will not allow a pharmacist to tell me that he has no idea when he will get the medication, no he can not order it, no he can not call another pharmacy, NO, NO, NO. That is all I here.

But, they want to print how since June when my prescriptions were transferred, that I will have nothing to worry about and all will remain the same. I want any and all Lawyers that may read this, It is time for a class action suit against Walgreens. Not to mention a discrimination suit for having to force a disabled person to drive miles and miles to each walgreens to get 4 prescriptions at 1 store. NO, that is not right.

This cannot be allowed by any business.

Whats next? They have put disabled people at the back of the bus....I will not stop until I have contacted the disability advocates, attorneys, and anyone else that will listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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If you are now in one of the legal states you should try smoking some cannabis.You would be amazed at how much better you can feel.A life with much less pain and no prescription pill hangovers.Vote in florida this nov. to legalize.


Oxycodone has the highest restriction on it...if anything is off or not included or if the script isn't current, strict guidelines on refills, etc., the pharmacy CAN NOT FILL IT. It is the law.

If you have a complaint, complain to the federal and florida state government for passing the restrictive laws on oxycodone.

Regardless, no responsible doctor would keep you on oxy for 11 years. If the pain is that bad for that length of time, something is wrong and you need some more surgery.


Get a phone book and start calling lawyers. They could use a good laugh.


For being in so much pain you feel well enough to write this novel!!! Lifes a *** then you die crybaby!

You have a great day and quit feeling so sorry for your poor little self!!

You crybabies unite and think about this! :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :grin :grin :grin :grin


Quit feeling so sorry for yourself. I know lots of people that used to be on pain medications for years and weaned themselves off it, by learning how to do self hypnosis.

There are also a lot of people that are in severe pain that work, and don't consider themselves disabled because of pain.


Why not contact your DEA. They are the ones that set the "rules" of how many controls a pharmacy can get.

They can order your meds 10 times a day and cross their fingers it comes in. If a pharmacy is selling too much of a control they go in and investigate. They look at the rx's and the pharmacist has to justify why they filled it. If they could simply say "because the Dr.

wrote it" there would not be a problem. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. I know of a pharmacy getting audited because they filled too many pain meds. Their ability to order pain meds was revoked for 2 months while they were investigated.

It was a 24 hour pharmacy across the street from a hospital. Of course they filled a lot of pain meds. Meanwhile imagine the heck those poor pharmacists and techs went through telling people they don't have it and can't get it.

So next time you hear no, no, no, just remember they DON'T know. Not everything is under their control there is someone they answer to.