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Wal Green Clinton Mo. did not contact my doctor to refill.

Normally I am notified the prescription is filled , but not this time, So I am going without Today Saturday until Monday, this is not the first time I have had issues,some of the pharmacy employees have been rude trying to blame me, when a computer is programmed to notify me.I am moving all my prescriptions to SUMMERS PHARMACY and asking friends and family to do the same.Wal -Green doesn't care about me as a customer. Medication for PTSD I can't sleep without it, so what am I to do but go to Emergency room?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walgreens Pros: Dis organized.

Location: 412 Pawnee St, Clinton, MO 64735

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all of u dummies who are commenting don't know how i was treated. I wish u people nothing but death and misery.

Now go back to hood where u belong!

Typic B.. people.


Why doesn’t your doctor provide enough refills till your next appointment? If you see him say in January with next appointment in July it is his responsibility to give you 7 refills.

It is also your responsibility to look at you bottle. The last time you had a refill your bottle said “no refill” for 30 days. You can also call the doctor or stop by doctor’s office to pick up a new prescription.

Stop blaming others. Computer programs don’t remind people of anything if there isn’t anything to fill.


The reviewer clearly states a computer program is supposed to be in place to remind him about his scripts. Why don't you people (Yeah, I'm looking at you Kevin Troll because you made all the comments) actually READ?!


clearly ur mama and dadda! stay out of other's business1


wow. you're making this others business with the way you're acting.

you're aging like 60 or 70 and acting like a child.

You're not a acting like a grown up. such a shame people have to deal with you!


Get rid of this


You need a “mom and pop” pharmacy to look after you a little more. I agree - go somewhere else.


Cleary so you're agreeing with the way this customer is acting? I am trying to understand a word of what you are saying?


Why in the world do you think it’s the pharmacists job to keep track of expirations on all the prescriptions for hundreds of customers. That’s your job. Ridiculous.


whatever u. peopl caused 911.


Now you're being biter, into this while being a racist. Customers like you don't deserve any help from anybody. please stay home and learn to keep your mouth and legs closed.


and this is coming from the same monster who takes advantages of others. Clearly you're not nothing!


That is your responsibility to make sure you have refills. You had bottles from 30 days ago that said “no refill”. That is on you to take care of.


whatever u child. why are u talking to me ur mommy and daddy need to take ur computer away from you! Clearly u know nothing about stranger danger!


Wow. So much hate and arrogance.

The only one acting like this is you.

Grow up! People like you with that attitude is why you're not served!