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I went to Walgreens today to drop off a prescription for my sick baby and pick up some pictures that I had uploaded. I use the Walgreens on Dutch Fork Rd Irmo SC a lot because it is around the corner from where I work. Also, I usually use the drive-through pharmacy weekly but I don't know much of the other staff.

Well, I began shopping around since I needed a few things and gave my sick son a stuffed animal off the shelf to keep him quiet. I gathered my items and went to pick up my pictures. I stood there with another customer for at least 5 minutes until she went to get someone to come help us.

A girl finally came, who had been rude to me before, and was rude to this customer as well. They wouldn't discount her order for envelopes that they didn't have, but she paid for. Then I was helped while the assistant manager talked to the other customer.

I said my last name, the girl looked, and then said they didn't have them. She said she didn't like online orders because they usually mess up! She was so rude about it when she had lost MY order and said my server probably crashed while I was checking out online, well, I think I would know because my bank account was charged!

I said fine, I will never buy from this store ever again and I am transferring my prescriptions, as I was saying this I was slamming my things on the counter and began walking to the pharmacy when I saw the stuffed dog in my child's mouth, so I took it away from him and threw it at the photo area.

I paid for my last prescription on my tax-free HSA and Walgreens can kiss my ***. I liked their photo paper, but I'll order from shutterfly or kodak from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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@ Danab826 yoou worked as a pharmacy tech huh? I belive you need a degree to be behind the counter dealing with meds. And you say that your also 16 hmmmmm. do I smell a lie out there somewhere.

Also if you did throwgh something at the employee, they have it on tape and your name off you child's prescription they could have charged you with assault!

Be happy that the employee didn't want to press charges or did they????


Hulk mad! Hulk smash!


So to prove your point you left your sick child prescription and yank a toy he was enjoying? for an argument over photos? i never shopped at Walgreen from i will from now on


I hope somebody elses sick kid has a stuffed animal in their mouth and then your son puts it in his mouth.


So, you say you are 16 years old but was was a Pharmacy Tech? Walgreens hires regular employees at 16, and Pharmacy I believe is 21.


Your entry is very confusing because you apparently are transferring your prescriptions because your PHOTO order was messed up? Really? That makes absolutely no sense.

I work in photo at a Walgreens store and I can honestly say on certain days, I don't receive about half the online orders people send but usually it never has to do with the customer's server or the Walgreens website. It happens because many customers do not submit their order completely which, over time, I've learned is a honest mistake. However, it wasn't the employee's fault if the error was on your part.

Also, the whole "charge" on your credit card thing is a bunch of BS because you don't get charged for in-store pickup photo orders until the cashier scans the envelope and your receipt prints out. So you might want to check your bank account or credit card statement before throwing out false accusations.


hmm i highly doubt you were a pharm tech for walgreens if so obviously not for long. ive been with walgreens for 3 years and never touched photo couldnt tell you how it works but i do know our computer systems fail from time to time, and if your a former employee then im sure your well aware of "communication errors" in which pharmacy computers experience and sometimes whipes prescriptions out if you are typing one therefore if you dont rescan it the image is lost and you wont know until they try to pick it up! no excuse for rudeness even in stressful situations i try to be calm and collective and as helpful as i can be but if you would have had a bad attitude with me and threw things at me i would have walked away got a manager and refused to ever assist you again!


At Danab826:

All I can say is wow! You haved work in a retail setting and still treated a hard working employee like that?

Shame on you!These kids work hard , no doubt dealing with broken equipment and rude customers all day. You should know better. Throwing a stuffed animal at a clerk is absurd! I would have called the cops and had them escort you out.

That is assault! Maybe you need an antidepressant, to get that upset over photos is ridiculous! If you have that much time on your hands maybe you need to go get a job! Also, at Anonymous, nice talk!

You show lots of class towards working people.

Maybe you should try cleaning up your language! Cleaning a toilet would do you good!


I work in the photo dept at a walgreens and internet orders are a problem sometimes, not all the time. Usually, the problem that I have is that the customer didn't send the order all the way through and thought they did, or the order was mistakenly sent to another store.

I let my customers use my computer to log into their account to check it, if it's still in the cart, they can send it through right then, if not, I'll call other local stores to find it. I always go out of my way for my customers, so please don't think that all walgreens employees are rude.


i agree with big baby. and, actually your credit card isn't charged until they scan your envelope.

(nobody likes a liar.) and, walgreens as a company was out of envelopes for greeting cards. it's not the cashier's fault. that girl probably gets *** on all day by awesome customers like you for $7 an hour.

and she's supposed to kiss your feet? get over yourself.


Customer is always right no matter what, me and my family owned a business for years, if ur employees are rude enough to *** your customers off then bottom line your going to lose business. My guess is big baby your a lazy *** who probably works in customer service and doesnt give a flyin rats *** if the customers come back or not!

Give up your job if u cant handle it and go scrub toilets u piece of ***, cuz there are plenty off pleasant ppl out there who would love your job! Have a nice day and go f yourself :)


What can I say? I had a bad day.

The system is flawed, my son is healthy, and scripts are transferred.

My irritation with Walgreens is that I've worked for them before as a pharm tech and was never rude to a customer. I just don't understand that much less being rude about losing my pictures.


Customers like you are no loss. The animal your child had in here mouth was probably touched by 100 people, no wonder she is sick.

Slammed items on counter , did you stomp feet and suck you thunb you big baby. Teaching your kid well throw temper tantrums when you dont like things.

Please transfer NOW, dont wait. Call now please.