Miami, Florida
Not resolved

I have called customer complaint department and was given this ticket number 4053267. I spoke to Lizette.

It would seem to me that Walgreens is taking my claim very lightly and appears to take no responsibility. well sir I do not plan on letting this go so easily. I have Chrons Disease and I have been a customer of Walgreens for years. Evening of Saturday night on 11/10/2012 I went into walgreens to see if I could fill a prescription.

I went to the restroom however the door was locked. I asked the staff to please open the bathroom that I have chrons disease. I was refused. I was told that I cannot use the restroom and that they would not open the bathroom.

I begged this female caucasion with short black hair that its a medical condition I have chrons disease please unlock the bathroom. she told me "I UNDERSTAND. YOU HAVE TO LEAVE WALGREENS TO USE A BATHROOM WE WILL NOT UNLOCK THE BATHROOM". after that I soiled myself and there was blood all over me...

this walgreens is 3101 N.

Ocean Blvd. Fort Lauderdale Florida 33308. I have tried diplomatic talks. I am being ignored.

I am planning on contacting the media and acquiring an attorney. i expect compensation for this tragic and horrific ordeal I was forced through;

Monetary Loss: $475.

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