Farmington, New Mexico

Walked into a Walgreen's in Farmington, NM tonight, my wife and daughter went into the grocery side of the store while I went to the liquor dept. I found my purchase on the shelf, proceeded to the counter to pay, showed my license for DOB 10/12/69, clerk totaled the transaction and asked "was that your wife you came in with?", I asked him" Does it matter and if so or not, that would not be any of your business what my personal accord is." The clerk asked "well did she come in with you, I saw her walk in next to you, and if she is your wife I need her ID too?"

I abruptly replied with, "You're kidding right?" he stated "No".

So I went and found my wife, left my daughter age (13) in the magazine aisle, and went back to show him her license, made the purchase.

I caught the Manager at the same time and asked, "So let me get this straight, if I come in with my wife, she separates and I want to buy her a gift set in the liquor dept without her knowing as a surprise, I got to get her over here to show her ID? " He stated "Yep ya do." I asked who's policy is that because it is not statute to New Mexico Law?" He stated it is Walgreen's policy." I asked again, "Your kidding right?" He stated, "Nope, this is private property and you don't have to shop here."

Good way to make sure they never get my money again.......and I will tell every one I know to not use Walgreen's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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This just happened to me and my dad tonight!!


Same here Walgreens sucks


This just happened to me too,yesterday. My wife was paying and they wanted to I D me as well.

Why did your daughter not have to show her ID?

Makes no sense...will not be going back to Walgreens. D in Texas.


last time I bought anything at Walgreens, 10/03/2019 Tim


Same happened to me when shopping with my nephew. I'm 37 and was buying wine.

Wtf! I'll never step foot in Walgreens again!


the people in there they is the think is the owners


Yep same thing happened to me at Fullerton Californias walgreens! Had my niece with me and I repeat I bought items and bottle of Champange.

Sales clerk carded me. I'm 61 and carded my niece too who is 21. I think that is pure bs.

They lost my business for life. It's not their business who is with me and I am over 21!!!!!


I recently had an awful experience. I’m searching the link to find it. Any guidance much appreciated!


It's like dealing with the government.


Holy moly, he did not do that?! I am so sorry sir.

What an ignorant piece of *** I just found out that them taking my I’d and scanning it is also a way to aggregate my private info and attach it to cigarettes and alcohol, then potentially sell that info to insurance companies and getting me denied a policy! I’m done giving Walgreens anymore of my money!! I shop there nearly every day, as I have a very busy work schedule and a large family that always needs something or other. They will lose a lot of money with this bs tactic!

It is also stupid to be asked for an id from someone younger than my children. From every annoyed middle aged and older, GTFO WALGREENS!!!


No *** They TRACK potential *risky (purchases) behaviors?? How they prove it’s you drinking and you’re not getting it for your house bound AA mother?? They truly don’t know when I wasn’t only one paying all.


I never post and I have to say that I completely agree that the company policy is crazy. My husband and I stopped in for a few items.

He drove and had his wallet and ID. I did not bring in my purse and they would not sell him the wine without my ID. We are in our 40s .... definitely not 18.

We were shocked and left without our purchases. Walgreens we will not be back.


Oh grow up. He was just doing his job.

If you come in with someone they have to ID them as well.

Trust me you won't be missed. With your immature behavior I am shocked that you are even old enough to drink.


Stupid comment.


It's not about him "doing his job". It's a valid complaint in regards to an ignorant policy.

He clearly stated that he was shopping for alcohol while his wife was shopping with their teenaged daughter in the other side of the store. If he's the only one shopping for an alcohol product, he should be the only person required to show their ID.


You sir, are a naive idiot. They scan that list to sell you info.


Your a smacked ***


Don't like store policy....Don't shop there....Don't get butthurt...Problem solved....You're welcome you jelly




Not a retard. Just stating the truth. I am surprised that the man is even old enough to drink with his immature behavior.