Walked into a Walgreen's in Farmington, NM tonight, my wife and daughter went into the grocery side of the store while I went to the liquor dept. I found my purchase on the shelf, proceeded to the counter to pay, showed my license for DOB 10/12/69, clerk totaled the transaction and asked "was that your wife you came in with?", I asked him" Does it matter and if so or not, that would not be any of your business what my personal accord is." The clerk asked "well did she come in with you, I saw her walk in next to you, and if she is your wife I need her ID too?"

I abruptly replied with, "You're kidding right?" he stated "No".

So I went and found my wife, left my daughter age (13) in the magazine aisle, and went back to show him her license, made the purchase.

I caught the Manager at the same time and asked, "So let me get this straight, if I come in with my wife, she separates and I want to buy her a gift set in the liquor dept without her knowing as a surprise, I got to get her over here to show her ID? " He stated "Yep ya do." I asked who's policy is that because it is not statute to New Mexico Law?" He stated it is Walgreen's policy." I asked again, "Your kidding right?" He stated, "Nope, this is private property and you don't have to shop here."

Good way to make sure they never get my money again.......and I will tell every one I know to not use Walgreen's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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We were just told it was against the law to sell us (ages 47 and 50) alcohol unless we were both ID'd. I told her it was NOT against the law.

She insisted it was...

then admitted it was their store policy. Fat difference between State Law and "store policy" ....


Just got id at Walgreens for buying a 12 pack of beer. I’ve been getting all of my meds there for the past 40 years!

Guess what!

I’m transferring all of my meds to Walmart! Bye bye Walgreens!!!!


The policy is rediculous! If Im of age, which the employee can see, Im 67, how about some common sense??

Walgreens says that if one of my children is not at least 21, then I cant buy alcohol! I guess I should leave the kids in the car, unless Walgreens is going to walk out to the car to check. I think people nationwide, should boycott Walgreens. If CVS, Publix, Winn Dixie, the liquor store, dont card everybody if they look over 30, then Walgreens should do the same.

Im taking my business elsewhere, and suggest others do the same. Walgreens should post their silly policy and explain why the *** theyre doing it,


P.S. When did these clowns become holier than thou?

Thought to ponder...Why the F don't they card for OPIODS so fervently?!?!

Hmmm. Too little too late if u ask me.Pass this around.


Ri-F'n-diculous!!! Just happened to me.

Been shopping & buying liquor at same St.Pete. Fl. Walgreens for 30 yrs & the 2 wet behind the ears employees carded me & pointed to sign. It certainly wasn't cause I don't look old enough.

Isn't there something wrong with selective enforcement or depending on what clerk u get...cause just last week I wasn't asked.

Guess what? Lost my sale...the ***


It is a joke .It is done for marketing reasons Liquor companies pay Walgreens big bucks for valuable marketing info.. age group, gender, alcohol preference.price range frequency of purchasing.

How convenient...I am done With Walgreens ! There employees are cluless.


I shopped there the other day, brought some wine , showed my ID , then decided to get some cigarettes , now I haven't moved and my credit card was still in the reader, but I had to re show my ID again, wtf,


Stay clear of this Mob just shop at wal-marts or Publix Simples


If it makes you feel better... I was declined buying a bottle of wine because my military ID is not a valid government ID.... uhhh?


One of the Meijer stores in my town a few years ago suddenly demanded to see the ID of everyone who wanted to purchase alcohol. We had a bottle of white wine and a half cart full of groceries.

The wouldn't sell us the wine. We left everything on the counter and in the cart and walked out. Sheer stupidity.

Meijer quickly changed the policy after complaints to corporate. Best policy for consumers is to do as we did and shop elsewhere in the future.


A similar situation happened to be at local Walgreens. I'm 62 and have never been carded at Walgreens, ever.

While making a few purchases, on a whim I decided to buy a bottle of wine. I seldom carry purse, only my credit card and walgreens card. The clerk checked me out and told me she needed to see my driver's license. I replied, then put the wine back.

She said she'd hold my stuff if I wanted to get my license. I said no. Then took it personally and said she was only trying to help.

I told her that I'm handicapped and had already been walking more than my allotted time. This is overkill in the cover you *** age.


The Walgreens id policy is apparently the result of their inspection failure rate of over 10 percent. Also sub-par employee performance.

As a consumer, I shop at particular stores to make my life easier. It’s not my responsibility to cater to Walgreens inadequacies. I feel I have a lot of patience for ignorance and absolutely none for stupid.

As far as Walgreens is concerned, I’ll be nothing more than a memory and a former stockholder. When I’m done with something, it’s absolute.


I recently had a similar experience. I live in a retirement community where it seems the majority of people are senior citizens.

I was behind a senior citizen buying a bottle of white wine and the clerk would not sell it to him because he did not have ID.

There are alternatives to Walgreens only a few minutes away and I hope people will vote with their wallets. Oh, this is in Henderson, Nevada 89052.


Incredibly rude cashier with a bad hairpiece at the Walgreen's in Fountain Hills AZ carded an 80-something-year-old women in front of me as she purchased 2 small bottles of wine. I asked him why.

"New Federal law, " he says. "They did a study of teenage drinking and now everybody in the country has to show ID." I laughed, then asked him how carding an 80 year old would solve that particular problem. He got mad and told me that if I had a problem with it, I should call my legislator and complain. Come to find out his statement was total BS.

There is no federal law that requires that everyone be carded. As I have a standing rule against giving money to stupid businesses, my days of shopping at Walgreen's are over.

to Charlie #1613773

Way to follow up Charlie. They should fine them in the pocketbook...u can't fix STUPID!!


This literally happened to me in Orlando yesterday! My 16 year old bought some orange juice and I got a single serve little bottle of wine.

Clerk said she needed my daughter's ID.

It was a similar situation. We left the store and went to Publix...no problem!


I wanted to Walgreens to get a couple of packs of cigarettes for my wife. I’m 58.

They asked for my license and I thought they were going to just verify DOB but they scanned it in.

I don’t smoke. Done with them.

to Jim #1613771

Way to follow up Charlie!

to Anonymous #1613772

Sorry Jim. Meant that comment for Charlie.

But I will tell you they'll use it against u with for instance, health premiums. It's called data mining & storing.

Well basically snooping. Gone r the days of privacy.


After a very negative experience at Walgreens I refuse to go in their stores . You are made to feel a lesser person if you try to get any kind of controlled substance with your doctor's prescription they even question it. Florida has very strict drug laws now are denying pain meds which are hurting the legitimate people I am in pain everyday so I take a handful of Advil and I'm sure I'm going overdose on that one day so pick your poison Florida thanks for doing a great job Governor Scott

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