Walked into a Walgreen's in Farmington, NM tonight, my wife and daughter went into the grocery side of the store while I went to the liquor dept. I found my purchase on the shelf, proceeded to the counter to pay, showed my license for DOB 10/12/69, clerk totaled the transaction and asked "was that your wife you came in with?", I asked him" Does it matter and if so or not, that would not be any of your business what my personal accord is." The clerk asked "well did she come in with you, I saw her walk in next to you, and if she is your wife I need her ID too?"

I abruptly replied with, "You're kidding right?" he stated "No".

So I went and found my wife, left my daughter age (13) in the magazine aisle, and went back to show him her license, made the purchase.

I caught the Manager at the same time and asked, "So let me get this straight, if I come in with my wife, she separates and I want to buy her a gift set in the liquor dept without her knowing as a surprise, I got to get her over here to show her ID? " He stated "Yep ya do." I asked who's policy is that because it is not statute to New Mexico Law?" He stated it is Walgreen's policy." I asked again, "Your kidding right?" He stated, "Nope, this is private property and you don't have to shop here."

Good way to make sure they never get my money again.......and I will tell every one I know to not use Walgreen's again.

Review about: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $16.

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Don’t act like a rude {{redacted}} to the cashiers. It’s not their fault.

Stop being *** You wanna complain?? Complain to the federal and state legislators or corporate offices or even the police department in your local area (you don’t have the balls to cuss them out) or whoever you need to complain to. Walgreens policy states that ANYONE who appears to look under 40 must be carded, if you want to purchase alcohol and cigarettes and certain over the counter medications. So don’t *** about leaving your ID at home or the employees refusing to sell you *** You think they want to lose their job or get arrested because of you??

Read the *** laws you c*nts out there who want to complain. It’s nothing personal against you, their just doing their job.

Don’t be *** to the cashiers. Plus there are some people who try to illegally buy alcohol and stuff for minors so that’s another point.


My 50 year old brother couldn't buy a six pack because his 16 year old daughter was with him.


It is policy to ID everyone in the party for alcohol, tobacco,and certain over the counter medications. So if 10 people in a basketball team, come in and 1 person wants cigarettes, all must be old enough, and have ID that is one piece, current/not expired, and legible.

Otherwise sale will be denied. This is policy at many restraunts also.

If a kid is 12 or under and with a parent, relative or grandparent that is allowed. But 15 and up is when people want to start drinking, smoking, getting high so that is why there is this policy.


Just happened to me. Va Store.

Wife left her ID home and they refused to let us buy wine. Cashier was smirk and so I said a few words.I left, dropped my wife off home and came back alone and they refused because it was the same day in their policy and told me to go to 7-11 around the corner.Well, I called Walgreens and ask that they read me and send me their policy. It states that an individual that looks under 40 needs to show ID.When I asked so I could never buy wine when I’m with my infants? Their response was a lame “I didn’t say that”.

Dubious and confusing.Then I asked about the same day refusal. It doesn’t exist.

I demanded that the manager and the cashier apologize. Let’s see if they take this seriously


Just happened to me. My high school daughter was with me and they wouldn’t sell to me because she didn’t have her ID....


Had the same thing happen to me I was with an under age boy about 18 he was in another line and they tried to card him I went off when they wouldn't sell me the beer... Never will I go into another store I said hey if I brought my little 5 year old in here would you card him to? I call him all kinds of names and left

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1304547

I walked into a Walgreen's tonight in Farmington, NM, the one on 20th. St.

and Butler. They refused to sell me a bottle of wine. They said I walked funny and was inebriated. I had just come from the gym, hadn't had a bit of alcohol for three days, and they said I was inebriated.

I asked the manager to smell my breath and he wouldn't so I went next to him and breathed on him three times. He said he didn't smell alcohol. I am deaf in one ear and have balance problems and I told him that. I walked in a straight line one foot after another.

He still wouldn't sell me alcohol. I believe it was racist as he as native and I am white. I told him to call the police. The police arrived and said I was NOT inebriated and to go somewhere else to buy my alcohol.

So I left, because I did not want to create anything with the police. I was also really angry and didn't want to lose control.

Los Lunas, New Mexico, United States #1212383

Same thing just happened to me in Los Lunas, New Mexico. I am 55 and my friend is 62.

I will never buy anything from a WalGreens again. No excuses about store policy.


Please understand that when it comes to guidelines and polices mothers, fathers, and collage students will loose their jobs if they are not followed. Just like any state/government law it is to protect all parties involved.

I am sorry you are dissatisfied and no one wants to loose business our hands are tied as well as MANY other stores in every state.

It is not meant to be a nuisance it is meant to be an assurance that the products are not illegally being distributed which is our job. Congratulate someone for doing their job instead of bashing them it makes everyone's day a little better.


This is a Policy. And yes, we all have a job to do.

The State is very strick and it is the NM Law that everyone in a Group must show and I.D.

. But,Store could have been a little more tactful in their response.


We're trained to follow policy - Common sense on either party or not; Occasionally we'll have members of loss prevention will covertly attempt to purchase cigarettes or alcohol. In retail, each individual is responsible for their own mistakes - Your unhappiness is a lot better than the potential to get a $200+ fine. I'd like to keep my job thankyouverymuch.

to Employee Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1176865

How are you going to get fined, if it's a Walgreens policy and not a state policy. Is Walgreens going to fine you for selling it to an adult who provided you with his or her ID?

But because he so happened to walk in with his son or daughter you (walgreens) is not going to sell it?

*** policy.

Walgreens just turned away my money and more then likely forever. I will now shop other competing stores and will also let all my friends know not to shop Walgreens.

to Anonymous #1455233

I hope the next time your pulled over for a traffic violation the cop gives you the, "I'm just doing my job response". I'd also love to see the stats on the #of times an employee was penalized for NOT following this policy. Absurd


Is a law, everyone in party must present ID


No, not a law. Just *** policy at some stores---like Walgreen, apparently. Best to not shop at a Walgreen.


I have heard of other stores doing that too. If you want to buy booze follow the rules.

to Joan #1471505

That's dumb. I followed the rules, I'm off age i show my ID....I should be allowed to buy it. If it's distributed to a minor after the point of sale that's on the individual, not walgreens.


So you buy gift for people you are with, not very sneaky. In most states that's the law. Check your state and I bet its in there.

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