Pawleys Island, South Carolina
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My mother worked for Walgreens. 7pm to 7am.

Store was robbed and my mother was severely beaten by one of the robbers. Walgreens fired her and told her that she would never beat them in court. Piece of *** company, focused on money not employees or customers. I have hired an attorney for my mother.

I can afford to fight them and we are now working on a national media coverage of the incidence. Two cameras were out of order! No security guards! No panic alarms!

Again, piece of *** company! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry

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I bet you or your mother don't know the whole story of what actually happened. Have you seen a police report?

You might be able to afford to fight them, but they can afford to hire more professional witnesses than you can. People that work in retail or for that matter any business are at risk every day from one thing or another.

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