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I am a cashier/Cust. Svc.

Assoc., been @ W 1.5 yrs. Classified as "part-time," but have been working 38-40 hrs. a wk. for several months, received 3 raises so far.

Recently helped train new employees, who now get hrs. , while I /have been cut to 31!! Employees' relatives get hired, all young, and as I am over 50, am getting screwed. Already on Medicaid, can't afford Wally's insurance!

What keeps me going are the customers, they like my service and kindness, laugh at the ridiculous "Be Well" mantra that is shoved down staff's and customers' throats!! Even knowing regular cust's.

names isn't appreciated!!! the regulars

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its close to "full time" hrs. walgreens is a 32 fulltime company...

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