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I am a sickle cell diseased patient that have been taking the same meds for years with no change in dosage or Dr. I went to the pharmacy this morning on my way to work and I decided to stop and fill my script for Percocet, the pharmacist proceeded to tell me that he was unable to fill my script due to I am out of my living area.

Because I live in a different area he can not fill my script I will have to go back where I came from if I want my meds. I then called the corporate office and inquire if this policy is true and yes it is true as of 4/1/13 Walgreens will not fill a narcotic script if you are not living in the same area. So which means if your neighborhood pharmacy does not have your meds you are screwed you can not go to another area to get

it!!!! Even though I explained to the pharmacist Hoai what my situation is and he saw my profile he refused to help me.

Something has to be done in a more civil and humane way because its not fair that people with real medical issues are not able to get their medication filled. So if ur on vacation and run out of meds sucks for you!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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You have to be pretty good ways out if your living area, or the area of your doctors office for this policy to apply. Unfortunately it is common for drug seekers to travel a good ways to get to a doctor that will give them a prescription for the meds they want. Unfortunate for the patients that travel to see a specialists but it's the drug seekers that raised a red flag on that situation.