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My Walgreen's that I use in Clive, Iowa has just implemented a new phone system that fails to give you the appropriate options for your needs. I am a physician, but did not choose that option because I was calling about my own Rx.

I waited and waited and waited and it continually said, there is one caller ahead of you. I finally called back....a total of 5 times. I was not in a hurry, but I needed to speak to a pharmacist or tech. I could not do an automated refill.

There is no longer an option to leave a message for the pharmacist. This option is needed to save time, so the pharmacist can get back to you when they are less busy and look up what information you are inquiring about. Very frustrating and time consuming. With all the additional verbal information the automated lady gives you, it was not less time than the original phone system.

It also only gave me the option, "if you are a health care provider" one time. Because I did finally want to use that option but could not find it again. I have gradually watched my local WG decline this past one year. It is so busy and they are not staffed to handle the volume, to the point that I am going to switch pharmacies.

I just don't have the time to wait as long as required at this pharmacy. It's not the employees fault....they are running around, sweating, multi-tasking, and going as fast as they can. I can see where this will cause increased errors as well. In any case, I hate to leave WG, because I know one of the original family members, however, there is little of the same heart and soul involved in the company now, that there was when it was started.


They're about in the same boat I think as Mediacom. It becomes all about money and your customers end up hating you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Apparently, my Walgreen's has just implemented this new phone system. "They" didn't have either my home or phone number in the system and my pharmacy phone call required information from the pharmacist.

Finally I hung up when contact with a human was not an option and used the "I need help with another option" option. Someone in the store connected me with a pharmacist who finally answered my question.


This is ridiculous! I am also a physician and am sick and tired of waiting to work my way through multiple options only to be told that there are more than 3 calls ahead of me whenever I need to call in a prescription or authorize a refill. What happened to the options of leaving a voicemail prescription or the option of " if this is a prescribers office press 1"?


I'm a physician and can no longer call in rx from my cell or home and leave a message. I spent 30 minutes trying to call in an rx and if this is the new normal I will have to direct patients to other pharmacies.


Yes you are so right what is going on I am about to change pharmacies me and my wife are on two different phones with two or three calls ahead and it's been over an hour no one's picked up yet