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I purchased a blender at Walgreens on 3-12-2011 on 3-15-2011 I brought the blender back to Walgreens because it was not performing as efficiently as I would have hoped.

My purchase was made mainly in cash-- $19.00 in cash and something like $2.48 on my Visa debit card (used as a debit NOT credit)

The manager at the store REFUSED to give me cash for any or all of my refund. INSISTED it MUST be put on a debit card or NOTHING. I no longer had that card as it was a Visa Debit Gift Card I had received for a rebate and that purchase of $2.48 had wiped it out-- so I had thrown it away.

The manager said he didn't care which debit card I used but it had to be ENTIRELY put on a card. I stated I could NOT wait a week for my money as I had already bought a bunch of produce for the Smoothies and without a good functioning blender the produce would rot. The manager said "no this is instant you get your money right away."

HE LIED!! My produce is now 24 hours older and I have no funds added to my card. I will NEVER shop at Walgreens as long as I live.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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For some reason I feel sad about this too. I don't know if I'm getting the money back to my card too after returning something at a Walgreens yesterday :(.


Do you not already know that a return if applied to a debit card can take 24 hours to process and if being returned on a weekend or holiday would essentially be processed the following business day? Do you live under a rock?


Yes but it's been 24 hrs and it doesn't say anything about a pending being returned back to your card?


Went to Walgreens on 8mile/Farmington rd brought bk smthn tht ws nvr opn valued @$33 tht ws paid with debit. Mgr ws rude n upset because I ws his 1st customer n ws mkn a return...I told him he would mk it up in sales. Indian guy tht ws extremely rude n put the refund as a credit whn I pd debit, said thts the only way I ws mkn a return


Problem# 1 - You bought a blender at Walgreens thinking it was going to perform like a Vitamix or something.

Problem# 2 - Why pay $19 in cash and add $2.48 onto a debit card? Huh?

Problem# 3 - You can argue till you're blue in the face, but in any store, if you purchase an item with half cash and half credit or debit card, if you return the item the entire return gets treated as a debit/credit card purchase.

The store manager is correct but NOT ALL banks handle returns the same. Some take 1 to 5 days to show returns or credit back to your account. Some show right away and some take a few hours. THIS IS NOT WALGREENS FAULT.

This is a bank issue. Deal with it!

You have no legit complaint here. You got your money back. It's still cash in your pocket, it just happens to be waiting in your bank account once that credit hits.

As far as your produce goes, if they're in your fridge they won't go bad. Stop being such a whiny drama queen.


wow "truth" really?! whiny drama queen???

I guess you like to give people nick names huh?

so what is yours? "hot head, big ego, trashbag"


some places return back exactly the way you bought it, at my store if someone paid half cash and half debit then they'll get half back cash and half back debit makes sense, Just saying!


your probably the manager who helped her !!! Then decided go online write long *** paragraph to defend Walgreens !!!!


Wrong. I work for foodlion.

If you rerurn something that was paid with debit and cash we refund all cash.

I dont blame him for being upset its the stores responisabity to keep customers happy and this customer was not. They failed.


Count yourself lucky that Walgreens would allow you to place a return onto another debit card.

As a matter of asset protection, my store has the following policy:

1) If the purchase is under $20, the refund may be made in cash

2) If the purchase is over $20, the refund can only be issued onto the card used for the purchase.

This prevents a customer from finding a receipt in the parking lot, and then expecting to make a big payday for items such as electric shavers or Blu-Ray players by grabbing the item from the shelf and then asking for a refund.

The only exception to this policy would be if the card used to purchase the item was expired (the expiration date is shown on the receipt) or the POS system could not refund the money onto the original card.


i just returned some shampoo and condtioner and some curl cream. it was quick and easy.

i had to return the products, not because they werent awesome but because they were pricey items. i will patiently wait for my refund.

the cashiers were polite and nice.

it does suck that i would get back my money right away.


Yea. walgreens lies. I was told the same thing, that the money would go right back on the card...5 days later, I was pissed


Walgreens in Miami, FL on 57th Ave and NW 5th Street charged me 3 times. Twice debit and once credit.

This happened back in June. I have been to the store over 6 times to get my money back and there is always some problem. They accused me of lying and of purchasing the same items at a different walgreens because the credit transaction showed different than the debit transaction on my bank statement. I finally was able to get one of the Managers to help me but he only returned one of my debit charges.

I am still waiting for the second debit charge to be returned to my debit card. All the managers that I speak with give me an excuse of why they cannot help me. One manager told me that I had to receive my money back in cash since I was charged as debit and she took my contact information so she could tell the manager on the next shift to help me but no one has contacted me to this day. Same manager took my contact information again and promised that I would be called.

Again, I am still waiting. I took 2 months of bank statements to prove that I was still missing one refund and they still will not give me my money back. I do not know what to do anymore. I literally go to this Walgreens daily because it is next to my house my once I receive my money I will never go there again.

I will cross the street and go to CVS or to Navarro's. I am not rich and work very hard for my money to be giving it away to a multi-million dollar company that does not care about their customers.


If it was a rebate card, it would of not had a pin number. and would therefore be run as credit. if it was run as credit the only refund possible is as credit (as in, if you don't put in a pin, it's credit - doesn't matter if the card is actually debit or credit, as most debit cards can be run as credit now-a-days).


Please understand, the policies are the same, but each individual employee perceives them differently. One manager will give you what you want, others will make it harder.

Does that really mean you should stop stopping? What about the cashiers that are nice to you and bend over backwards for you? Should they become jobless because of someone else's actions they couldn't control? No, it's not fair.

So, here's a tip: Ask for a gift card.

If you do not have a receipt, all they can do is give a gift card. It's not as good as your cash or credit back, but it's something.


you where hoping for too much when your purchased a 19.00 blender.


Despite customer's persistence, cash and debit are not the same thing. You are always refunded with the same method of payment. There are several reasons for this.

1. It helps mitigate damages which may be caused by fraudulent activity. IE. You get your hands on a debit or visa that isn't yours, charge it up and return for cash. This way the store has no recourse to get their money back.

2. Debit transactions are privy to a convenience fee. Paying with debit actually costs the store a flat fee or small percentage of the sale. When refunded, this fee is returned to the vendor.

3. It makes accounting and management of a consistent float much easier.

The return transaction from the store's perspective is instant. The money is immediately debited from their account and posted that evening when the machines are cleared. Any delays in transferring funding is as a result of either the debit holdings company, or more likely - your bank.