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We requested my family members Ritalin on 4/11/13 and went today no meds. After complaining was told they cant call us when it is ready or call other pharmacies for us.

This provided by a pharmacist at customer service. It seems South Fl Walgreens have made changes in April 2013. A google search shows a court issue with DEA. The change of policy happened after their last court appearance.

The court issue is with Walgreens delivering more than ordinary amounts of Oxycodone without asking questions. Due to their legal problems it seems all their patients are going to suffer. They have been getting the same meds for over 10 years. I went to CVS.

The pharmacist also told us to have the physician change the medication.

I dont think that is their place to make the suggestion it should be you and your doctor. Also no opinions on ritalin please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Well, I asked my pharmaicist why I always get a recording saying "I'm sorry, the medication you have ordered is not available." Since I get a bunch of them, and they don't specify, this is not helpful. They never tell you when the medication IS ready. So to find out I either have to wait in a long line or wait un hold for a long time. My pharmacist said "That system is failed. It fails the customer and it fails us." Nice to know.

I need about ten medications every day, sometimes more. Most of the time, none of them are mind altering. I never know when they will come in. My life is a treadmil of calling Walgreens, calling my doctor, calling medi-cal and going to walgreens.

So I wanted to cut this down and order a ninety day supply, which they said I could. I also wanted to go on a long vacation, but I have to have my pills on time.

So I told my doctor that Walgreens had said Medi-cal approves a 90 days supply, and he wrote my presecritions that way. I want in and the clerk said "the doctor didn't say that it should be changed to ninety days." At this pointed, I got pretty upset. I had talked to my doc about it for half an hour. So another clerk stepped in and said that all I could do was wait for medical. I kept asking if I should call my doctor and she kept saying no, it won't help. This made no sense, so I did call my doctor. They told me that a request for a ninety day supply had been made and to call the pharmacist. The pharmaicist kept insisting that nobody had ever told me that a ninety day request had been made. I din't want to make that the issue of the fight, but it is pretty irritating to be tld that nobody told me something that I clearly remember them telling me. I am not phsychotic and I do not hear voices.

I finnaly called medical when I realized that I was running out of a pill in four days. They told me that the prescription is about to expire and Walgreens should have called them. So I went back in (they didn't pick up the phone) and the pharmacist was very hostile to me, but agreed to put in the tar that they should have put in in the first place.

@ann noyed

Must be nice, I work 70 hours a week and still can't afford a vacation, but I also have to pay for my ins. And my kids insurance. Living the dream.


If the medication is on backorder all you can do is wait for it to come in if you want to stay on the same drug. Some backorders can last over a month while others are resolved within a few days.

That is ridiculous if someone actually told you that they wouldn't call you once it came in. I'm not surprised the staff wasn't willing to call every pharmacy in town looking for it for you tho.

That is something that you could and should do if you really have to have it soon. I'd recommend contacting your doctor and discussing the situation because if a change in med is needed, there are a lot of options.


Ritalin is a controlled substance, and the last I knew that type of prescription can't be refilled until the day it is gone. I have a grandson that was on a similar type of medication and that is the way it worked.

No matter the type of weather we were having, snow, blizzard, sleet, ice, whatever, his mother had to go out in it on the day that he took the last one. The only thing I really know about Ritalin, is when they tried it on my grandson, it made his condition worse, thus the reason for him taking a different type.

His doctor tried several different types before finding one that worked on him. I also know that basically Ritalin is speed or an upper, but for kids that are ADHD, it works in the opposite way.