Puyallup, Washington

I haven't worked for Walgreens that long. I started at the end of October.

I applied for a Team Lead Position (a fulltime role) at $12.00 per hour. They offer me a part time (which they said would turn into full time within 2 weeks). Min. wage to start.

I was told that it was mandatory to work on Christmas. No holiday pay. So far, I have had no formal training, although I have been talked down to, constantly, for not knowing how to do things. I have not been given time to do my computer based learning even.

I don't see myself staying with this company very long.

Paying minimum wage to employees is one thing. Treating them with little to no respect is intolerable.

Shame on Walgreens! I'd rather work for Walmart!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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