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Went to buy some of the Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent that is on sale this week. There is none they say and it is only the second day.

This is bullcrap. I have coupons for it and I know that's the reason there is none on the shelf. It will be in stock when my coupons are expired. It happens all of the time here in Meadville, PA.

When there is a sale you're supposed to order enough so that customers can actually buy it. Such a big waste of time and gas. think you people are idiots. I don't have 100 words to write about it.

You do this kind of stuff on purpose because you don't want the complaints. You don't run a very good business. Why would you want to lose more customers. The manager of the store here is not very friendly.

Other employees don't even like Carrie. There are items that are marked one price and scan another. You are crooks. I have told Carrie and others about this but it is still the same.

I'm wondering how much you are stealing from customers each day.

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You make it sound like they keep stock in the back that doesn't get put out until the day of the sale. Stock goes out as soon as it's received, so it's always possible to sell out before the sale even starts.

There's also the chance that many other people jumped on the deal before you, especially since the deal is advertised in their weekly ad. Before you know it, you have multiple customers coming in purchasing 6-12 bottles at a time. Let alone the chance the warehouse the store gets their items from were unable to order sufficient stock to distribute to their stores. There are a plethora of other reasons, but you cannot just assume the store intentionally does not stock the items out of spite.

I really don't understand why you think they do this to avoid complaints.

Complaints about what? Wouldn't more people, such as yourself, complain about them being out of stock than being in stock?

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