I go into my neighborhood Wallgreens nearly every week, looking for sales items.Today I go in and pick up a bag of almonds on sale at $4.99.

I get to the register and learn that you have to have a store card in order to buy sale priced items! What if I don't believe in giving out my personal information to each and every store in town? I hate this policy. It's an invasion of privacy and a bad way to do business.

The cashier didn't apologize for any inconvenience.Wallgreens just lost a sale and a customer.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #738456

the point is, why should the cards be mandatory?if you think that it is a good idea, then fine, get one and use your silly points and stuff, but i dont want another goddamed card and i dont want to give out my phone number (its required.

besides, since when is it a given that you have to "belong" to a store to get their best prices?

i simply just want the best price that they can offer and then i will keep on coming back. what is wrong with that?

i dont need my demographics catered to.i happen to think that one of the most irritating things in this this world is when an automated system tries to second guess me

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #706231

I was in a Walgreens store today and picked up a couple of sale items and they were rung up at full price.The cashier was a little rude as I questioned it.

I walked out disgusted and won't return there...............ever.

That is just WRONG and BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!!plain and simple!

Amarillo, Texas, United States #603370

This Pharmacy does not fill prescriptions correct amount of pills for my mom did not match label.have called 3 times to see when another one was ready and every time have gotten a different story.

when I have spoke to the pharmacist him self he is very rude and short with customers. Pharmacist told us the date it would be ready this is 3 times of calling and called on the date would be ready. then informed me that there was no refill after 4 time of calling.when previous 3 times there was. In my honest opinion seems like pills are coming up missing.

the Dr. we were using said that the pharmacy was incorrect and that the was a refill there. as of now still NO medicine. and Dr.

advised us to change Pharmacy's to assure to get prescription. So never again will I use this pharmacy. I think they need better education or more drug test for employees.

Have now changed to CVS say will get medicine in the morning.due to today being a Sunday :(

Naples, Florida, United States #596304

The stores advertised the cards for over 6 months before they ever implemented the program. Cry me a river.

to LadyScot Boston, Massachusetts, United States #738457

*** lady. why cant they just have good prices and leave it at that?

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #596166

The thing most of these people do not realize is that the card is actually there for their benefit.By getting a card, you not only recieve the sale items, but coupons and perks as well.

And what does the company do with your personal information? Nothing. They use the card to see what items are popular enough to put on sale. Its to help the customer.

Unfortunatley, ignorant people think "the government is watching what they buy", or some crazy nonsense like that. Just get the *** thing, it's not hard at all. And if you don't want to give out your phone number, just make one up.

It's as easy as that.Morons.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #586823

I, too, was denied purchase unless I gave my phone # for a "card".This is discrimination.

Either I HAVE a phone, or I cannot buy anything on sale with my HONEST, hard-earned $. And just HOW the HECK DOES Walgreens USE my phone #?????? To SELL? To call me at all odd hours with a survey.

WHY is my honest money NOT good enough to buy something on SALE!.???? THe manager came over and used his card to swipe and told ME that I WAS NOT WELCOME BACK to buy anything on sale unless I disclosed my phone #! AND he had the GALL to tell me it was just like going to a BANK getting a credit card! NOT!

AND, the manager on South BLVD in Charlotte, NC told me that EVERYBOdy is doing "it". He would have made a GREAT NAZI. A woman living at a shelter, needing to buy children's cough medicine will be DENIED a SALES price because she has no phone???!!!! A confidential informant against the cocaine trade is DENIED a sales price because he wont give out a personal phone #???

A battered wife with a protection order cannot get aspirin on sale without giving her phone # to WALGREENS? AND the ENTIRE STATE of South Carolina just had their tax info hacked...HOW hard would it be for this battered woman's ex to *** into WALGREENS and do a reverse look up of where she is now located??? SUE SUE SUE.... DISCRIMINATION!!!

People without phones, or who consider their phone # privATE...cannot buy aspirin on sale...but at WALGREENS.... a drug cartel member can buy...

but that is NOT the point! NOBODY should have to first...HAVE a phone...SECOND...GIVE AWAY their privacy and phone #...to buy aspirin/batteries, whatever on sale. Walgreens....I HOPE when your CEO's die and meet St.

Peter, HE asks for YOUR card of the corporal works of mercy, and when you tell St.Peter YOU don't have one, you get sent to Gehenna.

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to snowbody Portland, Maine, United States #603336

Wow! Just make up a phone number! DUH!


Go every week.Daughter also shopped only there past 4 yrs in college in another state.

I stopped in today just for medicine since I prefer shopping there over Walmart. I spent an hour finding great clearances for Christmas. ( NOT reward program se items but orange shelf tag clearances) Got to register & cashier rang up all @ full price stating they no longer allow anyone without a card to get any sale OR clearance prices. The manager came over & agreed.

I left it all on the counter- $75 worth.Poof there goes my business.


'Not sue why stores do not think of it make the sale at the price they are willing to make or lose the sale and the customer!!I have to wonder who is managing these stores.

When you travel you may not have the stores (valued customer card) I have never been in a store that the clerk didn't use a generic card to make sure I did not walk out of the store without my purchases!!Bad management is all I can say,

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