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What a big dissapointment this is my second time coming down to destin Florida for vacation,having a valid passport and visa,not allowed to get a ciggarete,

Me:can I get a ciggarete please

*** clerk:can I see Ure Id

Me :here we go(giving my passport with my picture showed on the page)

*** clerk:oh sorry we only take American passport

Me:why I came to this place all the time to get ciggarete with my passport

*** clerk/manager tell the clerk not to let me get ciggarete

Then the *** *** he asked me if I have driving license from my country to verify my age

If the passport with English lettering with a valid us visa not working how he asked me my driver licence

From my country,*** one.....

How about one day that a foreign tourist needed medication for their critical condition that need a form of Id to verify the prescription,and the only thing that they have is passport,what you gonna say *** ONLY AMERICAN PASSPORT!!!!!!!!?????

4 form of identification proof that valid to show let me teach u something *** one


2.driving licence card

4.military id

Did I not mention that passport is the first one!!!!!!

You suck at your job u should've quit it

It's. not only the clerk but the manager confirmed that only American passport that is the only passport that valid,I felt its like a discrimination.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I feel you it's ok my money is going to another business


While a passport is acceptable by law. They may refuse the sale.

You can have a valid state issued drivers license and they can deny it.

"If you think the ID is not valid, you have the right and responsibility to refuse selling the tobacco product."


Language is not the problem it's principal,I'm 24 years old,state law of florida,approve 4 form identification for someone to purchase tobacco and alcohol are passport,state Id card,state driver license,and military id,thanks for non direct insult of my foreign status,very smart respond,Jedi knight thanks very reasonable response,I was pretty pissed about the whole situation and have a long day,so things like that *** me off,Id and big Bruce open your mind English is not the only language that is existed in this world and America is not the only country in the world


Dont need id for prescription, plus probable written in englis. A language you seem to have trouble with


Did you behave like that in the store. If so perhaps the reason they were skeptical of your ID was because you were behaving like a four, five or six year old rather than your actual age.


Judging by your grammar, I'm guessing you are still in the first grade. Even if a first grader has a passport, it is still illegal to sell cigarettes to people under 18 (19 in some states).

P.S. - Why don't you try getting your "ciggarete" at "Wall-Mart" :zzz .