Any Walgreens I have ever been to is always short staffed, but the way the customers act is what kills me. For ONE, YOU are not the ONLY person that exists.

TWO there is a process that each prescription has to go through and you must realize with the short staffing, there might be one pharmacist and one tech filling 200-300 prescriptions, then the phone is ringing off the hook, the front end won't help, pharmacy hours get cut and then without knowing one piece of the process, you yell at the helpless staff members who have no control over certain things, all because you think you are so important. Well guess what, you aren't.

And yes you might be in pain, but the pain medication that is prescribed really only changed the way the body responds, the pain never really will go away, so you can wait a few extra minutes, don't take the chance of having the pharmacy make a mistake. Next time you need an rx filled, ask if you can come behind the pharmacy counter to see exactly what the pharmacy staff have to deal with to fill one rx!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Not my job to care about short staff. With whatever staff you have you should do the best job for the customer!

AND don't make the customer feel obligated because you are overworked and short staffed.

my customers don't know about my problems nor should they nor do they care. they want to be taken care as speedily as can be without rude comments or attitude.


Not a single line in this stated anything about anything being the customer's fault, but it is people like you who pacify people in order to look better. All you're doing is condoning rude behavior and abuse of your staff.

You have no idea what you're talking about obviously. No one ever said to be rude to customers or give attitude, but people need to be less entitled and more empathetic. Put yourself in the reversed role.

Have you ever worked as a Tech at Walgreens? Work a 70 hour week with no lunches or breaks or even a visit to the restroom and then have a customer ask you why they can't have their oxycodone 30mg #120 script ready in 5 minutes.


sounds like you may need to look for a new job!! heard more cuts are coming!!

really blame the customers that pay your salary HOW'S THAT WORKING FOR YOU SO FAR!! CUTS CUTS CUTS!!